Ask any fashionista how they feel about shoes. I bet 8 out of 10 are going to just express their impatient reaction towards new shoes, even though they own 100 pairs. A girl could never have enough shoes. No matter how many you buy, there will always remain a hidden yearn for the new pair of shoes you see in the store window. While choosing the perfect fit of appealing shoes for yourself, there are a few factors that should be taken into consideration. It’s not always about designer shoes. Shopping needs to be made easy; and to help you, we’ve got all the secrets and insider tips you need to know how to finally score that perfect pump at the perfect price!


Keep an inspiration folder. How do I find most of my pairs of shoes? As simple as that. When you spot a pair that makes your heart skip a beat, either tear out the page from the magazine and add it to your binder, or note the style name and price for future reference. Do shoe-centric blog research. Naturally, reading ANY style-related blog is likely to yield the occasional lust-worthy and currently-for-sale pair of shoes. Here are a five best shoe blogs in the world for making your research easier. ifdc                 ifdc


2. Beware of your budget:

Already own three pairs of black heels? Remember: just because they’re on sale, doesn’t mean you need them. Don’t impulse buy; because did you know, impulse purchases can be expensive? Remember that spending wisely on really good shoes rather than several less expensive, though trendy, pairs is usually a better investment of time and money.

3. What Shoes to Invest In?

The best strategy to create a perfect closet, is to make sure you’ve chosen shoes in simple and timeless styles that cover your major daily activities, before dabbling into other trendy shoes that can only be worn with a few outfits.

4. Shoes that Look Great on Your Body Frame

You might want to look into what type of shoes flatter your body shape and your legs. Some shoe styles look better on you than on other body figures and leg shapes. So you’d want to make sure to select colors, styles and details that flatter you. ifdc

5. Choose comfort:

For everyday walking, choose a shoe with a heel between a half-inch to an inch. If you want your feet to look pretty, wear wide, comfortable walking shoes or sneakers. hijab-ifdc

6. If you can’t walk in it, don’t buy it.

You see a pair of shoes. Be it Jimmy Choo’s or Louboutin’s and you think you can’t sleep on the thought of not being able to buy it. DON’T DO THAT! It may look fab as ever, but realistically, if you can’t find that comfort in every step wearing it, don’t buy it. Save your money, and purchase something practical instead. ifdc

7. Don’t always keep up with the trend:

No matter how trendy the new runway collection is, if your feet are not comfortable walking in them, put it pack right there. There is no point in spending on a shoe which won’t give you the ultimate satisfaction of purchase. Why let your feet bear the pain? Choose comfortable shoes. Or you can make other use from the money you were about to spend on your “Shoe Infatuation”. ifdc ifdc Article written exclusively for IFDC by Mumtahana Elahi.


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