How to Change Up Your Hijab Style

Are you tired of your hijab style? Do you reach for the same tried and true hijabs, patterns, and styles? If you’re thinking yes, then you might be ready to change up your hijab style! Check out these tips for some fun ways to switch things up.


Summer is such a great time to accessorize your hijab since there’s so many cute things you can add to your hijab! Whether it’s a flower crown, a headband, a huge beach hat, a South Asian teeka, or some hair clips, there’s a ton of things you can do to accessorize your hijab. It helps change up your hijab look, even if you’re wearing the same style underneath it. Check out this post for more ideas on how to accessorize your hijab.


If you love to pair your patterned hijabs with solid coloured outfits, chances are you stick to the same colour schemes. If you’re wearing an outfit that’s blue and black, you might pick the same hijabs over and over again, with either blue or black in them. This can make it look like you’re wearing the same outfit all the time! Identify the colour scheme you usually go for, and then force yourself to go for something different. Think of the colours that would look good with blue and black, like gold, copper, maroon or red. This will help you pick scarves with different colour schemes that still go with your outfit.


Many of us decide what we want to wear first, and then decide on our scarves. For a change, pick the hijab you want to wear, and then try to match your outfit to it. If you’re wearing a patterned hijab, pick up some of the colours that aren’t as obvious. So if the scarf you want to wear is green and pink flowers, with bits of yellow and blue in there, wear a shirt that’s yellow for a change. Chances are you’ll end up with an outfit that you had never thought of before!


So many of us stick to the age-old rule of not wearing patterns with patterns, but this rule can be broken! You just have to know how to do it. Instead of pairing a bright, loud hijab with an equally bright, floral top or dress, pick a hijab with a smaller print. Maybe thin stripes or smaller flowers or polka dots. Or if you’re wearing a pinstriped shirt, wear a floral or patterned hijab in the same colour family to create some continuity. Again, this will really change up your hijab look, especially if you usually stick to the rule of wearing your solids with patterns.


Similarly, if you tend to pair your solid coloured outfits with patterned hijabs, try pairing them with solids the next time around! You don’t have to pair your solids with patterns every time to create interest; sometimes contrasting colours work just as well! If you’re wearing an all-black outfit, any solid colour will work! It’s a great opportunity to wear something bold and colourful, like red, or turquoise, or a gorgeous gold. You can pair soft colours, like pink and beige with white, tan, or grey. Or combine jewel toned scarves with a jewel toned outfit. The ideas are endless!


All the previous tips are quick ideas that you can do without changing the way you change your hijab completely. But if you want to all out overhaul the way you wear your hijab, then maybe it’s time to check out some tutorials! So many girls get haircuts to change up their look, and just because you wear hijab doesn’t mean that you can’t do the same, in a sense. Go on Pinterest or Google and find pictures of hijabis that you like and see if you can find the tutorials for how to do the styles. Or, just grab your favourite scarf one day and spend some time in front of the mirror just playing around! Think about how you normally do your hijab and then do the complete opposite. You never know, you might just discover a new style!   ifdc ifdc ifdc ifdc ifdc ifdc Source:

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