How To Achieve David Beckham’s Style

It’s no surprise that David Beckham has led the masses with his impeccable style. Here’s how to get it, regardless of your budget. 

Such is the renown of David Beckham that years after his retirement, his name is still recognisable all around the world. He’s an immortal figure in the world of sports, having won 19 trophies in a 20 year career, and is blessed with astonishing skill in passing and free kicks. Couple this with his chiselled looks and a high-profile marriage with Victoria Beckham, David is easily one of the biggest names in menswear at the moment.

Since his initial days as a trainee at Manchester United, Beckham has become something of a style icon having appeared in fashion campaigns and launching two lines of clothing. David Beckham clothing, both his lines and style are impeccable, and it’s not hard to achieve. This guide will show you how you can dress like one of the most fashionable and desirable men in the world, even if you may not have his net worth.

Key Pieces You’ll See Mr Beckham Wearing:

  • Checked Shirt
  • Plain Tees
  • Dark Denim
  • White Trainers
  • Beanie Hats
  • Black Jackets

David Beckham Style

David Beckham Formal Style



As a sportsman and a celebrity, David Beckham naturally attends many high-profile events throughout the year. It stands to reason that a lot of the time he is dressed in dapper formal wear. In these occasions, Beckham most of the time goes for separates, mixing and matching blazers and trousers.

In formal wear, David Beckham is inclined towards darker trousers, so navy chinos are the perfect shade.These slim fit navy chinos will add a touch of urban class to your formal outfit.

Easily paired with a breton striped tee, or if you’re dressing formally, pretty much any blazer should match with them perfectly. A navy or dark blue shade blazer will suit any pair of dark trousers and provide a hint of casual flair whilst remaining suitable for any formal occasion.


David Beckham Suit

David Beckham tends to favour classic suit colours and cuts, seeming particularly fond of black. This shade offers a slick look without any hassle. David Beckham grey suit is another go-to stylish shade, which everyone can incorporate into their wardrobe, similarly to black.


When suiting up, David Beckham is disposed towards crisp white shirts. Shirts are essential for the wardrobe of anyone who aspires to be as stylish as Beckham. He tends to wear white shirts under suits, but they can be worn under anything to add a classy, formal layer to your look. Alternatively, a t-shirt can be just as easily worn unbuttoned over a vest or t-shirt for a swish vintage look.


Though Beckham often wears ties with a bold print, he just as often assumes a classic finishing touch, such as a black tie, vital for completing a formal outfit. This combination of suit, trousers and tie will guarantee you’ll turn heads at any formal event, though of course such an outfit would also be suitable stylish attire for work as well.

David Beckham Casual Style

Though of course David Beckham looks dapper in a suit, it’s his casual attire that garners him the most attention. Check out some tips below on how you can replicate Beckham’s casual style.


David Beckham Jacket

In his everyday dress, it’s clear that he favours one colour over all others: black. His penchant for subdued colours gives his look an effortless masculinity. While it’s a simple colour, it’s also incredibly versatile while having the benefit of being really slimming. It’s likely you’ll probably already own a lot of black clothing, so this one shouldn’t need too much attention.


David Beckham Leather Jacket

David Beckham is often garbed in a leather jacket, a type of clothing that is synonymous with coolness. It has associations with male style icons such as James Dean and Marlon Brando, but when Beckham wears a leather jacket, he makes it his own. Leather jackets can be a real investment, but one that will last a lifetime, and will only improve the more it’s used.

They also match with almost anything, but put on a simple black t-shirt and some dark, slim fit jeans for a classic Beckham look.

For a denim alternative, a denim jacket is a great choice. It’s easy to match this jacket with anything, so for the Beckham look, you can also wear these with some dark slim-fit jeans, and maybe a plain white t-shirt.

David Beckham T-shirts

To nail the David Beckham look, you need to stick to simple, muted colours such as black, Beckham’s shade of choice. This simple black t-shirt will go perfectly with a leather jacket and dark jeans. Jackets are better suited to a David Beckham white t-shirt number.  Or you could just wear it on its own with a pair of jeans, and still look stylish.


David Beckham Shirts

If you’re not wearing a jacket over your shirt, you could reproduce the style with a quality David Beckham denim shirt. Denim shirts are a fashion staple, and are easy to both dress up and dress down.

If denim shirts aren’t your thing, David Beckham also frequently dons chequered shirts for that rough around the edges lumberjack appearance. This shirt is a classic deign that is great to wear all year round. For a Beckham bad-boy look, pair it with some dark jeans and brown desert boots.


David Beckham Denim

Denim is indispensable if you want to dress like David Beckham. His casual look is incomplete with a quality pair of jeans. Jeans should never be too baggy, but if you need some room, go one size up, instead of three. You can pair the jeans with a tee (always get basic colours, like white and black) or you can pair it with a sweatshirt (again, stick to basics).

For those of us who want to dress like Beckham, you should remember one important thing – make sure whatever you wear fits you properly.

– Aziz Ahmed, Founder of Fashion Blog Wear It Like Beckham


Dark jeans are his forte, particularly David Beckham black jeans, which provide a muted, casual look that can go with virtually any shirt and outfit. They’re not suited to any formality, event or season, as they’re adaptable to them all. Black or dark jeans are a staple in any man’s wardrobe.

If jeans are a little too obvious for you, then you can still certainly look as cool as Beckham in brown chinos. Chinos are a fashion staple for any man. Beckham usually contrasts brown or tan chinos nicely with a black shirt or jacket.


David Beckham is a fan of cable knit jumpers and cardigans, so to look as stylish as him during the winter months, you can rock a cream-coloured jumper. For something more lightweight and subtle, opt for a fine-knit jumper. The muted tone is easy to pair up with whatever else you want to wear, though this probably looks best with a plain white shirt and dark jeans for that classic Beckham style.



When the weather outside is frightful, as it so often is in the United Kingdom, your options are somewhat limited in dressing in vogue whilst not freezing off your back shelf. In times like this, you are pretty much relying on a cool-looking coat to carry off your look.

In adverse conditions, David Beckham sports a smart parka. A well-designed parka is another essential for the wardrobe of any man who is prepared for anything, and this classic urban design will have you covered, and keep you covered, whatever the weather.

As a lighter alternative to the bulkiness of a parka, you can retain the Beckham look with this black trench coat. A contemporary trench coat is formal enough to be worn at any event, but stylish enough to work even on a date or night out. This is for people who want a little bit of edge to their outerwear look.


David Beckham Shoes

David Beckham Formal Shoes

No suit is complete without a pair of formal shoes. Dr Martens are perfect for formal attire and a bold statement in casual attire. Stick to dark shades, such as burgundy and black in order to keep your look formal, and make it easier to be incorporated into any outfit.


David Beckham Casual Shoes

Alternatively you can opt for more casual shoes. Beckham has also been known to adopt white trainers with fancy suits, stylishly mixing the formal and casual. The block white keeps the look slick but adds some urban street style to the mix. Unsurprisingly, Beckham can pull this off.

David Beckham has a penchant for incorporating a wide variety of style shoes in his outfits. From trainers to boots, to formal wear, he’s mastered it all with ease. As well as incorporating trainers into his suit looks, he can pull them off better with his casual attire. Teamed with joggers, dark jean or chinos, there are no limits.

David Beckham Boots

Though perhaps he is most famously associated with trainers, David Beckham can frequently be found pulling off the bolder option of leather boots. Leather boots can go with any pair of jeans and chinos for a more smart-casual appearance.

David Beckham is a master of smart-casual, frequently seen in outfits that you could rock up to an event, party or just the pub in. His boots looks mostly consist of a cool, contemporary shirt, dark jeans and desert boots.


David Beckham Hats

David Beckham is perhaps the most famous beanie-wearer, so a guide to Beckham’s style wouldn’t be complete without mentioning this particular type of headwear. Beanies are essential for those winter months, but are also ideal as a finishing touch on a casual outfit.


David Beckham Fashion

David Beckham style has changed considerable amounts over the years. He’s matured like a fine wine, and has only gotten better with age. Gone are the days of his full leather looks matching Victoria Beckham. Here are his best looks.


David Beckham Clothing Line

David Beckham’s most recognised lines are with H&M. The most recent including Kevin Hart in the ad, allowing us to see the humorous side of Beckham’s life. From pants, to fitted long sleeve t-shirts, David covered all angles for the working man, giving them a clean, slick silhouette on a budget.

David Beckham Hair

Like many great style icons, David Beckham has never been afraid to change things up in the hair department. Some of his hairstyles have been more, um, indefensible than others, but Beckham has frequently experimented to great success, from buzzcuts to mohawks. In recent years, David Beckham has gone for slightly more understated hairstyles, currently opting for a slicked back look.


Instead of undercut sides, his hair is cut long and styled flat against the head. Instead of being combed back, the hair is combed straight down. This is a great looking classic hairstyle with a modern twist, and is easy to do well, as a little messiness can look good. Beckham also favours a full but short beard to finish off this look.

David Beckham Hairstyle

David Beckham has a wide variety of hairstyle choice during his time in the public eye, some very questionable. Here are his hair styles through the years.


How to Style Your Hair Like David Beckham

It may seem like a challenge as we can’t all afford a personal hair stylist, but David Beckham’s hairstyles are achievable on a budget.  There isn’t a hairstyle Becks hasn’t tried, from the man bun to cornrows.

We’d advise steering clear of these choices, but the other styles are easily achievable with a decent hairdresser, and the right styling products. Here’s more David Beckham hairstyles and how to achieve them.

David Beckham Beard Style

From the chin strap to the hipster beard, Becks has mastered these as well as hair style choices. He’s advertised for gillette so it’s not surprise he’s tried them all. From a clean shave to a styled goats beard, if you’re after his style, head to a barbers for a precise clean shave, or try it yourself with an all in one shaver.


Your Quick Guide to Achieving David Beckham’s Style

  • David Beckham Formal Style: Opt for suits in black and grey, or suit separates. The main thing to stick to is dark shades for a slick look. Finish off with a tie and formal shoes. Or mix up smart casual with a suit and slick white trainers.
  • David Beckham Casual Style: For your outer layer, go for a leather jacket or alternatively a denim jacket to emulate his rock n’roll casual style. Team with dark trousers, either jeans or chinos. Go for black jeans to get the ultimate Becks look. Throw on a plain tee or jumper, and finish off with desert boots, leather boots or clean slick trainers, and of course a beanie.
  • You’ll need to master David Beckham’s hair, this is easily achieved with a bit of gel and a decent barber.
  • To get Beck’s beard, all you need is a decent all in on shaver to keep your beard in tip top condition.

And On That Note

With just a little thought, it’s easy to acquire some of the sartorial flair of David Beckham, one of this country’s biggest fashion icons, regardless of your budget. Whether you’re after his casual, or formal style or his diverse hairstyles, there’s plenty to choose from.


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