How to Accessorize Your Hijab

If you’re a hijabi, you might be wondering how to accessorize Your hijab. You might think that your ability to accessorize is limited to only necklaces and rings, but there are so many ways! If you’re wearing a plain outfit or even a plain scarf, it’s nice to dress it up a bit by adding an extra piece just to give it a bit of sparkle. And if you don’t wear hijab, most of these ideas can be adapted as hair accessories, just to accessorize your outfit! So let’s get started: headband-ifdc


Adding a headband to your hijab is one of the easiest ways to add some personality. There are so many headbands to choose from! For the spring, I would recommend something with flowers. Or if you’re going out somewhere fancy, you can opt for a jewelled one for something fancy. Or if you just want something simple, I recommend bows since they never go out of style! To add your headband, you can simple place on top of your hijab or hair. Or if you want to conceal it, before you wrap the rest of your hijab around, place the headband on your head and wrap the fabric around the band part of it, showing only the decorative part. It depends on the style of hijab you do and on the type of headband you’re wearing, but play around with it. What I love about headbands are that they’re a simple and easy way to acessorize your hijab or hair. They look cute and effortlessly chic.   ifdc


Teekas are South Asian hair jewellery, mostly worn by brides. But they’ve trickled down into the Western market and you can find them pretty much everywhere! Teekas are another cute way to acessorize your hair or hijab! Depending on how fancy they are, you can wear them pretty much everywhere. The one above from Pearl Daisy (currently out of stock) would look pretty for a dinner out or even a wedding. It all depends on how you dress them up or down! Because of the hooks that come on them, teekas are pretty much ready for you to add to your hijab. All you need are some safety pins to secure them to your hijab and then some playing around as you try and conceal all the pins! ifdc


Got an old, jewelled necklace sitting around that’s too short to be worn under the hijab? Use it as a headpiece! Amena’s chains are called Daisy Chains and can be bought from Pearl Daisy! It’s a simple way to dress up everyday hijabs and outfits. In South Asian culture, these jewelled headpieces are known as maatha pattis and they’re very similar to teekas, except they have a chain on either side of the main piece, so it looks like a necklace. Maatha pattis look especially lovely with South Asian clothes, but can also be made by using less fancy neck. My favourite way to wear a necklace/maatha patti is in the gallery above; at the Channel Paris-Bombay show a few years ago, the models’ hair was styled using maatha pattis! It looks so pretty, and like a tiara! Who wouldn’t want to look like a princess?   ifdc


Last but not least, hijab pins are another way you can add some sparkle! They come in a variety of colours and shapes and sizes. They’re a simple, yet elegant way to add some personality to your hijab without being over the top. And there you have it, girls! Accessorizing your hijab or hair is super easy and doesn’t involve breaking the bank. Depending on your hijab style, you might not be able to wear necklaces or earrings, and so accessorizing your hijab is a great way to dress it up, especially if you want to change your look a bit. But don’t forget, modesty is key! You don’t want your accessories to contradict the whole point of hijab by being too bold and flashy, so keep it simple and classy. Hope you found this post useful! Comment below if you have any other suggestions for accessorizing hijabs. Source of article:

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