Holik Gloves – Your Hands Get the Royal Treatment

luxury gloves

By Hana Bushnaq

Jana Holíková, an artistic potter and designer, graduated from a school of applied arts in Prague. Currently, she designs for her family-owned company for collections of luxury women’s and men’s gloves. To her, leather is a material that requires an unusually high level of dexterity. In addition to her experimentation in design, which she enjoys so much, she takes from the origins of the glove-making business by using the now almost extinct piqué chain stitch.  

Holik Gloves made its mark by releasing a ‘Couture’ glove collection. The ladies’ collection is inspired by poetry. Through bold expression, the collection appeals to women who like to make a statement. The choice of materials in this collection makes it very avant-garde. Lace, ribbons and Swarovski® crystals adorn these gloves. They are so unusually rich in color, but this is toned down by a sophistication brought about by embellishments. Just like a piece of jewelry, the ladies’ gloves from this collection become the focal point of a woman’s outfit. As for the men’s collection, it features relaxed cuts with a thorough range of colors. With decorative metal trimmings, these gloves come across as very urban. What makes these two collections -and Holik Gloves in general- stand out is the high level of craftsmanship involved and the result is true pieces of art.  

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