HIGHLIGHTS: Pret A Cover™ Buyers Lane, The Retail Summit Edition

“The Participants, The Action”

February 20, 2019 – Preparations were in the works for months leading up to the anticipated Pret A Cover™ Buyers Lane, The Retail Summit Edition, which came to a successful and exciting close on February 14, 2019.

On the set up day, the buzz is tangible as high fashion styles are put together, exhibitions curated, branding installed, and lighting and sound equipment is put in place. A busy energy can be felt as everyone bustles about setting the stage for the grand show to come. Designers are already getting visitors for sneak peaks and the press has begun to take snaps.

The highly anticipated Pret A Cover™ Buyers Lane, The Retail Summit Edition has finally launched. VIP guests from all over the world poured into The Atlantis Hotel, Palm Jumeirah to glistening ocean views along the coastline of sunny Dubai, UAE. The diverse global crowd of investors, entrepreneurs, retail professionals, press, influencers, designers and fashion and lifestyle enthusiasts came to appreciate the excellent line up of speaker sessions, fashion exhibits, marketplace meetings, all in a pampered setting with an array of delectable menu items flowing throughout the day treating all attendees to an experience unlike any other.

Pret A Cover™ Buyers Lane, The Retail Summit Edition is an instant hit! From hundreds of submissions, sixteen participants were selected and funded by the IFDC Fund for their potential, skill, and vision they displayed in their work. All styles and ideas exhibited a keen and unique focus on modest design.

Perfume tycoon Jo Malone and friends wearing IFDC Designer, Ehtiros and sporting “the look” perfectly!

Sir Richard Branson doesn’t believe retirement is what we should be thinking of. Here he speaks to The Retail Summit Co-Founder, Gary Thatcher about life, business, and all things retail. The essential lessons learned here could only come from this unique mind and personality. Thanks for the energy boost Mr. Branson – the IFDC designers and Pret A Cover Buyers Lane team were truly enriched by your presence!


Pret A Cover Buyers Lane technical partner Kahramana (left), Asil Attar CEO of Al Yasra Fashion (center), and Dr. Reem El Mutwalli, Director of The Zay Initiative (right) at the Women In Retail session.


Each participant was given their own space and display support to set up their showcase with their own unique vision. Models are assigned to designers on the opening ceremony to further showcase the flow of each design as exquisitely styled within a unique framed setting that added a dramatic touch of mannequins surrounding the models to render an outstanding gallery style feel with breathtaking results.



From Mall for Africa Founder, Chris Folayan to Farfetch CMO, John Veichmanis, and Huda Beauty Co-Founder Mona Kattan, and numerous more… each speaker session offered invaluable nuggets that could fuel ones business journey whether at early stages or further along on its way to success – these sessions gave us tremendous insight.

Each day of the event welcomed the VIP Guests with a morning selection of chef’s specialties, assortments of teas, coffees, and juices to add to the experience as attendees choose which speaker sessions to attend alongside visiting the Pret A Cover™ Buyers Lane market segments. Networking, business talk, brand exposrue, and future collaborations were easy to take place in such an outstanding setting.

Work is already underway for 2020 where the bar will continue to be raised in the #ModestRevolution as #TheLegacyContinues.



Pret A Cover™ Buyers Lane, The Retail Summit Edition



Linda Kender and Berfu Pakkan Ramazanoglu


Trepezzi swimwear was founded in 2018, bringing luxury and fashion to two very important segments of the swimwear industry; sun protection & modest swimwear, to protect customers from harmful UV rays while preserving their sense of luxury, fashion and modesty.   

Owned and run by two young women, Berfu Pakkan Ramazanoglu & Linda Kender, with an entrepreneurial spirit, and strong corporate backgrounds; their approach to design, production & delivery promises a chic, modern & fashionable take on the modest swimwear sector.

Produced in their designated quality controlled production facilities in Turkey adhering to international compliance rules and fair trade & employment agreements. High quality, function & trends come together in their designs exceeding industry norms & standards.



Trepezzi gains media attention at Pret A Cover Buyers Lane for the stylish and high quality work put into every modest swimwear item they produce.



Hessa and Hanan Al Shafar

United Arab Emirates

Launched in 2014, POSE/ARAZZI is a Dubai-based independent fashion brand that understands the difference between fashion and style.

Drawing inspiration from art, architecture, the environment, and subcultures of the aforementioned, POSE/ARAZZI simultaneously combines design aspects from east and west while leading a unique brand message through its use of shapes, fabrics and details and its exceptionally high standards of craftsmanship and quality.

POSE/ARAZZI creates ready-to-wear collections as well as bespoke, made-to-measure creations for its elite fashion-conscious clients.

POSE/ARAZZI crafts masterpieces aimed at empowering the individuals to embrace their own unique characters and personalities.




Dr Reem Tariq El Mutwalli

United Arab Emirates

The Zay Initiative is the culmination of a passionate and unyielding interest in ethnic textiles and traditional costumes of the Arab and Islamic worlds. With a focus on regal attire worn by royalty, at present it encompasses samples of women’s articles of dress from UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Egypt.

The Zay Initiative is based on a Core collection of 170 articles of dress from the priceless Sultani collection of UAE traditional garments, that due to their deep cultural significance, mark a turning point in UAE history.

The Zay Initiative is founded by Dr Reem Tariq El Mutwalli, published author, with over 30 years’ experience in art and cultural heritage, and intends to engage with and promote existing collections to encourage mutual benefit and collaboration, as well as to celebrate the creative choices made by women of the region in light of the heightened role played by fashion globally.

The Zay Initiative aims to promote the understanding of the evolution of culture of the region, building up public awareness and appreciation of this unique heritage, reaching out to like-minded institutions, lending them exhibitions or displays nationally, regionally and worldwide.



Dr. Reem El Mutawalli attracts leading names to her exhibit at Pret A Cover Buyers Lane; here with Kahramana and Sheikha Aynoor

Samira Abbas


Moda Bella is a unique and customized modest fashion line that was conceptualized in Calgary, Canada and was established over a year ago by Samira Abbas who is Brazilian Lebanese.

Moda Bella embodies her vision of being a contributor in building community, both locally and internationally

Moda Bella is committed to providing quality fashion, a modest yet chic take in every piece.

The designer pieces are sourced from all over the world and cater to all styles and tastes of today’s trendy woman.




Samira Abbas discussing opportunities with investors and showcasing her on trend modest looks throughout the days of Pret A Cover Buyers Lane, The Retail Summit Edition












mix-furs-pacbl-retail-summit mix-furs-pacbl-retail-summit mix-furs-pacbl-retail-summit




leonori-ifdc-pabl-retail-summit-2019 leonori-ifdc-pabl-retail-summit-2019 leonori-ifdc-pabl-retail-summit-2019




RAISHMA-ifdc-pabl-retail-summit-2019RAISHMA-ifdc-pabl-retail-summit-2019 DESERT-COVE-IFDC-PACBL-RETAIL-SUMMIT-2019





PACBL-Retail-summit-ANNA VESE is a luxury kaftan brand founded by designer and stylist, Brittany Somerville. PACBL-Retail-summit-ANNA VESE is a luxury kaftan brand founded by designer and stylist, Brittany Somerville.


The modest revolution indeed was taken to a new level this week. The IFDC Awards confirmed the narrative as award sponsors Modtissimo, raised their budgets to double up on the winners – from the original 3 winners slated, they added another 3 because “it was an outstanding selection to choose from”, in their words. “The clothes are well made. Beadwork, stitching, fit and form speak volumes about the quality, time, effort and thought that have been put into creating each piece by each of the participants makes this event a treat to attend”, said Elsa Dionisio of Modtissimo.


IFDC Award Winners

Modest dressers have an even greater appreciation for the exhibit. Fatimah, a marketing manager for a leading retail group shared her thoughts: “These pieces are beautiful, and the fact that they cater to my modest fashion needs allows me to be a part of the world of fashion without any compromise.”

The Pret A Cover™ Buyers Lane, The Retail Summit Edition brought ample positive global attention to the modest lifestyle industry, and the brands who were a part of it. The journey has only begun for these brands, the real work begins now as the next year will be filled with follow up, advancement, and new experiences in the same way last year’s Pret A Cover™ Buyers Lane event proved.

A Special Thank You to our Sponsor










Influencer Mirna Mounzer
Influencer Mirna Mounzer


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