Hair for Men by Wafic Saab

A glamorous salon; stylish, trendy and known for being the best in the business, Wafic Saab gives their clients a nurturing experience for both body and mind – something not many male salons offer. This unique grooming center for men, specializes in a wide array of services fit for celebrities and fashion lovers. IFDC sat down with the experts to learn more about the latest in men’s care, and the secrets to keep them looking sharp! wafic-saab What is the 5 biggest hair trends for men this year? The most popularly requested hair cut over the last 3 years up until now is short at the sides and the back, and longer on top. Some people tie the longer hair up for a more fashionable, sleek look that is also known as the “man bun”. ifdc Do you have any advice for men on how to pick a hair trend that best suits their hair? The best advice would be to visit our salon and have the experts assess the customer and his hair. Each person’s type of hair, complexion type, social status and age should be taken into consideration for our stylists to make the best recommendation. Each person is different in their character and appearance and we would like them to look and feel their best, regardless of the hairstyle they choose. What should you keep in mind when choosing a haircut? One of the most important things when cutting hair is paying attention to detail, and that the customer is able to comb and style their hair daily to show off the cut. ifdc What styling products would Wafic Saab recommend for men’s hair? We cannot name a particular brand because each person has a different type of hair and needs a suited type of product. In our salon we have a number of good and international brands and each person can choose what suits them or have a product recommended by our stylists. ifdc For a stylish hair experience, visit Wafic Saab located at Villa # 148, Al Manara Street – Dubai. For appointments call 04 297 1990 or visit their website

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