Goodbye Skinny Jeans? iFash Predictions 2015

Islamic Fashion Top 10 iFash predictions for 2015: Islamic Fashion and Design Council has released their fashion predictions for 2015… 1) Individuality is in! We won’t be paying attention to mainstream trends, we create our own look and each one is just as independently stylish as our sense of expression. 2) Bulky shoes. Doc Martens may not be a bad idea to go with the maxi skirt. It’s all in the way we carry it off. 3) E-shopping – fast, easy, convenient, and safer than ever… the only way to go! 4) Basics in more colors. The under long sleevers and the turtlenecks in black and beige were handy, but there will be more vibrant colors peeping out from underneath our garments now. 5) iFash is the word on the street. Whenever something has potential, we’re just going to iFash it! A term that easily describes how that sleeveless dress has tremendous layering potential to create the perfect look with your hijab. The term “iFash” will be used more and more for our dressing and shopping convenience. 6) We will be our own models. The one on center stage is ‘me’…real, challenged or not, struggling perhaps, but ready to smile for the camera because it’s me who wears my look! Get ready to see more real people post our best looks! 7) Yeah, the Apple watch might become the accessory for some of us. It’s cool enough to go with us yet we’re cool enough to go without it. 8) More calligraphy jewelry. We can’t get enough of our Arabic initials and all the other great pieces of art we can wear to dress things up. 9) Speaking of art, more Islamic artists will get a chance to dress us. That’s right, many works of Islamic art are making it onto fabric prints and leather works. This opens up so many more possibilities! 10) Goodbye skinny jeans, we made the looser yet well tapered look more in! Yes, thanks for the growing taste in modesty, skinny jeans are seeing their way out and a more comfortable plan is headed to the world…all because, that’s the way iFash rolls baby!

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