Going Minimalist

By Nakia Moore

Scrolling down my Instagram timeline, I notice there is a growing trend that’s dominating the Gulf. Minimalism has been adopted and cherished by many fashionistas, whether it be through fashion, home décor and even makeup. The Arab woman now has more options than ever before but yet we’re slowly shifting from traditional abayas to modern contemporary trousers, hijabs and even accessories. What’s with this shift and how does one go minimalist without losing personal style?

Designer Yasmin Al Mulla is the founder and creative director of YNM Dubai, a design firm specialized in contemporary ready-to-wear garments.  YNM Dubai is bending fashion norms and Yasmin is not one to follow trends. Yasmin understands the working class professional women still wants a certain elegance within their garments, just without the ever-changing color palettes and all the unnecessary bells and whistles. Really, minimalism has been present in the Middle East for some time now but quality clothes is something that is being emphasized and beloved in the luxurious Emirates.

Fast fashion has taken over the fashion world with companies somehow managing to easily move from one trend to the next, forcing consumers to keep spending on less-than-quality clothes or be left in the dust. YNM Dubai however, focuses on simplicity, elegance, modernity and femininity; all without the fast trends. Classic pieces range from sleek white long-sleeve and short-sleeve dresses accompanied with white beaded embroidery, pastel blue cutlets and gray skirts that without a doubt would flatter any shape and are made using the finest raw materials. It’s understandable that some of their pieces are sold out. The modest cut and designs of each piece of their clothing are appropriate for women that prefer a modest flowy look and don’t mind showing their natural beauty. Their dresses range from Dh1100 to 2000 (about $300 to $545 USD).

Designers Yasmin Al Mulla and Nesreen Al Mulla are surely going to lead the way in the Modest Fashion Industry not only in Dubai, but worldwide. Consumers will soon start to realize that seasonal fashion fades over time, but personal taste will remain with you forever.




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