Fixed modesty vs. Functional modesty

By: Honour Chokote

Currently, we are surrounded by all sorts of immodesty. We turn on the television and see celebrities wearing all sorts of exposing clothing, girls in bikinis showing as much cleavage as possible and posting pictures all over social media.

First, we need to understand the difference between fixed modesty and functional modesty. When we refer to fixed modesty we mean the way an outfit looks on you when you put it on; the appropriate length, no cleavage shown and looking modest. But when it comes to functional activities we find out that for example, when you bend over more skin than necessary is shown or maybe it’s the cleavage that is revealed. Fixed modesty must be put to the test by bending over to see if everything is still covered.

Functional modesty allows you to carry out regular activities throughout the day, keeping you modestly covered. You can sit and the back wouldn’t be too short, you can move around and you’re still well covered, it doesn’t ride up when you are walking, etc. You can always be sure that you are covered appropriately.

The main thing to do to ensure your garments are modest is to check your garments before you get them. If it is difficult to check in the dressing room due to having no place to sit or the lighting isn’t adequate, try to check them thoroughly when you return home before you take the labels off. Here are a few things to pay special mind to:

  • bend over to check whether any cleavage will appear
  • pull on your shirt a little to check whether it will descend too low or ride up too high
  • raise your hands over your go to ensure you midsection stays covered
  • take a seat and fold your legs to check whether your skirt is still covering
  • take a seat and ensure your jeans and shirt still at least meet in the back
  • twist around and check to ensure that your backside and legs are still covered
  • move around in your garments – stroll around, do some ordinary exercises, ensure everything will remain set up and secured without heaps of pulling and altering
  • inspect from all edges to ensure your shirt, pants, skirt, dress, and so on isn’t too tight and frame fitting.

Now supposing you now have some charming garments that you cherish. My second tip is to layer. This is only necessary for clothes that you already have but might not completely pass the modesty test. Therefore, put resources into some tank tops, thin however modest long sleeved or short sleeved tops, skirt extenders, and cardigans.

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