Fatty Meat and the Secrets they don’t want you to know

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When I first heard actually from you that eating fatty meat is optimal, and a meat-based diet is is the best way to live. I actually was, I think pretty open to it and I started it almost immediately and saw pretty immense benefits. But the funny thing is that when I tried to share this with my friends and family, really I got so much pushback and bit of a backlash. And at the time, we weren’t married and we had just started talking about it. Did you feel that I was resistant? Or Did Did I do any kind of push push back on on the idea?

No, I think I think it made sense to you. So you wanted to try it? And to see the results on you.

What was the thing that you believe you normally say to people that keeps a little bit more open? Because I think we’re indoctrinated, indoctrinated? I think we’re definitely conditioned to believe that fatty meat is heavy. It’s unhealthy for us and anything plant based better for you. How do you overcome these years of conditioning? To get people to be just open up enough to understand that there could be something very beneficial for us to learn here?

So I would say that it depends. Each person is different and driven by let’s say different preconceived ideas. Myself I was seven years ago, I would have had no clue on how important diet was like I could eat anything without any consequence. But I lost a dear friend to metabolic disease. And when he passed away, I really took it hard to try to understand what happened. I discovered with horror, the current state of affairs in health in humans in our period and everyone knows that what we call diseases of civilization are exploding. It’s an exponential trend. You know, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, even even mentally, many people are depressed there’s autism cases that go to the roof. And all of these can be involved on to metabolic problems and even cancer. There’s a strong argument to be to be made that cancer is not a genetic anomaly. It’s a metabolic problem.

And how did you make that correlation to know the the meat based diet that that you’re a proponent of

so you know, the hypertrophy Toth states that food is your first medicine, I practice

and all doctors are meant to take the Hippocratic oath. I do they still do that? Do they still take the oath, but yet none of them I have so many cousins and friends that are doctors and I’ve asked them all how much does food play into your into the end factor into you treating your patients and they’ve pretty much told me across the board that they’re actually not even allowed to talk about food with their patients. So they’re not allowed to see if their patients are eating too much sugar or junk food or any type of food. So how is it that they can take the oath and yet not factor food into their their treatment for their patients?

Will be let’s say educated in a system that makes us believe that any bettering of a health if it goes bad, has to come from an external help and that the body is basically helpless. And we get that. I mean just like a car is running on a certain fuel appropriate to essential if we put in our bodies, foods that are not appropriate to the way it functions. We will we will run into trouble. And yet the doctors don’t they don’t believe really that because why they are operating into so you have two possibilities. The body is working until it doesn’t for whatever reason. It can even go into auto immune problems meaning that suddenly for reasons we don’t know it attacks itself on certain grounds. This is one possibility that’s suddenly let’s let’s put it that way the body becomes crazy. And so you need to help it by deals that many doctors. This is the approach the modern medicine approach. Something goes wrong. They can call it genetic, you know but genetic is more and more. The buzz word to cover up really Yeah, it means I really don’t know. I can identify things that i i Just abnormal. But we know with epigenetics that the pure genetic code is just the potential that is expressed or not through epigenetics for the environment factors and the way we live. So the second possibility is that the body is working perfectly and if it stops working perfectly then it means that it is poisoned in a way or malnourished so the first thing to do would be to make sure that we give this body all the means necessary to operate correctly.

And for doctors that tends to be more in the way of pharmaceuticals and meds than food and lifestyle. Because why

is the way they are educated. They you know my father is a neuro psychiatrist and when I pointed is retired now when I put it to him that 100% of mental ill patients had gastric problems so they just didn’t problem or you know the digestive tract issues. He said is true. And when I asked him how many times in your practice, it probably wasn’t Oh psychiatrists for 50 years. How many times did you ask one of your patient what this patient ate? He looked at me and he said never this is what there is a there is a strong link between digestion and mental health. But he agreed with that he agreed with that, but he never considered it put this into practice in his clinical practice, you know?

Yeah, that’s remarkable. And maybe because the push by the farmers is so strong, which obviously indicates a conflict of interest to right because if the pharmaceuticals are pushing their product, there is no interest in in food. Well, from that perspective,

Bluetooth is extremely The Cure needs to generate some revenue to someone Yeah. So you cannot pretend to good diet, especially if it’s a natural diet.

Well, you introduced me to the work of Dr. Anthony Chafee, and I really encourage a lot of people to actually follow him. He’s on a couple of platforms and he’s got a podcast and a YouTube channel and he talks about this challenge that because doctors and the medical industry in general and science doesn’t make money off of people benefiting from the meat based diet. They they genuinely just don’t want to really bring any light to it. They don’t want to necessarily inform people about the benefits of it.

I would say them, they could I work with doctors who adopted personally this way of eating because they saw the results on themselves, but they cannot talk about it to the patients because they would lose their medical license.

That’s to me just really sad. One of the latest podcasts that actually you and I heard together that you introduced me to have Anthony Chaffee was where he’s interviewing Sofia Clemens who runs a clinic in Hungary, in which they pretty much have helped people cured put people into remission on very serious conditions, just by fatty red meat alone. And she says that there’s a huge challenge there because it’s so simple the approach and it’s very hard for people to believe that that’s all that’s required. Let me just play a clip. And maybe you can comment on this

specific protocol. So there’s only one therapeutic

when she says it’s a very specific protocol, and there’s only one diet. There’s no more than one diet. I believe that now but I came from the mindset that everybody’s different, and therefore different people have different needs, and there’s different ways to approach their problems. You taught me otherwise. Have you taught me that? No, we’re all the same and everyone can benefit from eating fatty red meat, which was shocking to me, I have to admit, and pretty much just a meat based diet which is what she is a proponent of in her clinic. Where did we get that thought from that we’re all different and we all should have different approaches to our diet for different reasons.

I think it’s a gross exaggeration. We are all different for sure. But metabolically from a molecule molecular biology perspective, by digestive system the way or enzymes work etc. We are exactly the same species. And Dr. Shafi pointed out that just try to find one exception within a species of an animal who has a diet that is different to all the other members of the species doesn’t exist. And humans we are the only ones who have been driven by let’s say economic interest. And we are driven by ideas the idea of the benefits for health of a plant based diet are mostly plants. I think today the standard American diet is probably around 70 80% plant based or we are already mostly plant based. This idea was put out there forcefully by the food pyramid that was put together by the Ministry of Agriculture in order to maximize the output of plants production of crop production in before that, the plants were like default. The default diet in the middle age we have a lot of testimonials of people, peasants and even noble people who were complaining about the unavailability of meat and they had to fall back into these crops etc. Who were just a small part of the diet. But when he when you reach more than 50% it becomes a poverty diet

and it starts making us sick. Can you just in a nutshell tell us what is the problem with plants? Why why is it dangerous and and Dr. Anthony Chafee actually says that plants will kill you. He’s He’s very adamant that we understand the dangers of eating anything plant based. Can you explain to us in a nutshell why they’re dangerous and why we shouldn’t eat them.

So I wouldn’t say that we shouldn’t eat them. I would say that basing our whole foods and nutrition on them is deleterious because plants. They contain macronutrients. Very little fat in general. A lot of sugar and proteins, yes, but mostly not complete for needs and much less bioavailable. So these this is an inferior food.

or pesticides or whatnot can be equally dangerous or just as dangerous. And I read something about lectins and and the cellulose that make them anti nutrients

is that correct original there’s a whole category of chemicals called anti nutrients. These are the defense mechanisms of the plant. You have a lot of them and they hurt us. They are meant to hurt the tree data that eats parts of the plants that the plant considers is to be protected. So they are everywhere in all plants except in ripe fruit. Okay, because the fruit is printed by the plants in order to be eaten by animals so that seeds would be scattered further. So our fruits okay to eat fruits. The problem today is that they are much richer in let’s say, sugar, and they used to be photos in particular, and when we are eating in the past fruits would be eaten in season and they would not be available all the time. Now we have an access to fruit all the time and all fruits from all over the world. All the time. And we are simply overloading our system with sugar.

And Sally Norton’s work which is another expert that you introduced me to talks about oxalates in fruits and vegetables which are very damaging to our body, which is also a new area for me. I never understood this and when I did, I was actually floored how much damage we’re causing to our body and the beauty aspect of it because from her work I learned that it actually makes your skin sag oxalates are are not good for the skin as opposed to anything meat based which obviously gives you a boost to collagen depending on what part of the meat that you eat tends to tighten your skin. So just from that aspect. I found that to be interesting.

thing with, you know what were taught in the Quran and through our faith and this thing that you talked about plants being an inferior food can actually be checked out in the second chapter surah baqarah verse 61, is that correct? Where? What is that exactly that would that we’re told in verse In surah? Two verse 61. Yes.

So when I started this investigation of metabolism, I came up to the conclusion that species appropriate diet for humans, for many reasons, evolutionary so for the past 2 million years, we’ve been eating meat. We are a kind of primate disease in a niche. We have developed the big brains and very short digestive systems jointly. that sets us apart from all other primates. It’s not something unheard of in the evolution of animals, for example, you have turtles, you know, they look like regular daughters and you are all this image of a total eating salad. But your thought is that actually carnivores Okay, so, within the same let’s say shape or whatever, you can have different different possibilities

and surah Baqarah.

So, I started to investigate this question. So evolutionary, even biologically, you you reach the conclusion that red meat with associated fat is the perfect diet for humans as humans being carnivorous animals and having thrives on these big on these big ruminant animals. Now, as a Muslim, you’re you’re kind of worried because you have this idea also that plants are so good for us and you’ve read the Quran

and some Hadith

claims about the medicine of the prophet that is they want they want to make see nine there be almost a vegetarian. Right, right. So if you go back to the Quran itself, you find that Allah in his book addresses two kinds of food from humans, meat and fruits. All the rest is not mentioned or mentioned in a negative way. As it is in the second surah 61 Were the people of Israel in the desert and nourish Americans li everyday by Allah with meat, which is Salwa Mahna. Mahna is a substance that is quite mysterious, but we can try to investigate what it is and they get fed up with eating the same thing every day. The weight is monoket Sorry, mana My conclusion is fat.

Okay, so meat and fat Yes, which

is just perfect for humans,

okay. And the various talks about and

yes, and these people demanding variety in the diet and, and they asked for everything that is grown from the earth in terms of plants, you have five words that probably represent categories of plants, like the roots, greens, etc. And when they asked for that, say the Musa answers to them that why are they willing to replace what is superior and meet the meet by what is inferior. And

that’s actually in the Scripture, which was enlightening for me, because I had never noticed it until you pointed it out. So again, coming back to the clinic in Hungary that Sofia Clemens runs, they talk about to really tackle a condition a disease and illness. You really must be strict. And allowances is discouraged. But obviously if you’re weak, she accepts it. Let me just play something for you.

here and if you have any issue or if you have if you’re resistant Now that this is part of the protocol, it may not have anything beneficial. It is just for for some patients.

So if I’m allowing a little bit of cheating, let’s say, let’s say someone is really trying to focus on a serious illness, and according to her focus on the high fat and red meat intake, if I did sort of let in a few plant based items here And they’re in my diet would that set me back if I’m really working towards fixing a condition

these plants contains so many molecules that we don’t even know about these phytonutrients, phytonutrients, etc, that you do not want to take a risk what what we notice, and doctors who practice dietary interventions around the carnivorous diet, which is the proper species appropriate diet for humans, they notice that some people, as soon as reintroduced any kind of plan, they just sit back. So,

so your setback meaning that we have to start again, with the treatment, if if we start messing around with the action plan,

in general, if you eat something that is inappropriate, that creates something you react to, the reaction can come immediately, or it can come within three days. And in order to, for this effect to clear out, it can it can clear out pretty in a few days, or it can take up to three weeks, right? So when you are metabolically sick, and you want really to address and get an optimal health, don’t do any exception. Even the simple bit of paper can really, let’s say a 5% exception, or 2% exception can can make you lose 50% of the benefits.

So let’s listen to a little bit more about what she said because it gets more and more fascinating for me as I learn more and I really hope that this just shed some light for for anyone that’s listening.

So what is the what is your, your your optimal diet?

So this is something that is a meat based diet and the factors is very important.

So she talks about the fat part being very important. Why is that so important? Because I think that’s another conditioning in us is that fat is bad for you. It’s bad for your heart, it’s going to make you sluggish, it’s going to make you fat. Does that make you fat?

Fat does not make you fat sugar makes you fat.

Okay, so what does that do and why is it good for us? Well,

the first thing is that sugar is not requirements in your diet because the body needs glucose to operate in certain areas. But you make these sugar on demand your liver does it external sugar is is deleterious in fact okay, you have mechanisms to deal with it is a huge production of insulin to to lower the level of sugar in our blood. And this sugar is stored is either burned or susceptible because it’s poisoned. This sugar molecules is glucose molecule. At the end of the day all carbohydrates end up either as glucose or fructose. Fructose has the metabolic effect of alcohol on the body. So it’s very heavy and problematic substance that shouldn’t be overloaded on the body. And glucose is acting like it’s a molecule that will attach to many other molecules in your body. And it’s called the phenomenon of glycation and it creating havoc in the body if it’s if it’s too much.

So I wonder if there is this resistance by the medical community for the reasons that you mentioned and I know that you You’ve worked with experts and you’ve spent a lot of time in Europe especially working with medical industry people and and, and you kind of understand that mindset and that was a big part of the research that you did, which, again, let’s hear another clip from Sophia Clemens on this species you’re

homeless at And so we’re going to have one optimal diet and I know you’re lucky with it. Well, you know, it depends on your blood type, which is insane. Obviously, like one protein difference on your red blood cells isn’t going to fundamentally change your entire digestive system. And it’s not gonna change your species either.

So that was Dr. Chafee talking about out how there’s this mentality like we talked about earlier about, you know, different blood types, requiring different types of diets and stuff. Do you find this kind of response from the medical industry in general, at least the ones that you sort of had exposure to when you were doing your work and your research when you first started

When classical doctors, let’s say educated in a modern system, they don’t see it that way. I think they understand that we are all the same as the same metabolic metabolism, etc. But the problem they are operating into a paradigm, which I share, which is evidence based medicine. So I’m not going to talk about the merits of Ayurveda, or the Chinese medicine And because each of them they have the viewpoints and they don’t talk to each other they have the chakras do not exist in Chinese medicine, you know. But if we if we settled the discussion on evidence based medicine, we modern doctors, they really understand this that these ideas of you should have a diet according to your blood type or these are these ideas that were developed that people were trying to find a niche to, in opinion to make them I need to find something that is differentiating them from others and be able to sell solutions to people.

That’s the most frustrating part, I think is that, you know, if it’s not making money, it’s not worth sharing with people. And I think, you know, across the board, I know you, you have this mindset that health should be free, you know, everybody should get the best out of their health and what’s out there for free and they shouldn’t have to pay for any of it. People, you know, maybe I’m being an extremist, but people need to find other ways to make money in it. shouldn’t be through the medical system. So that was Dr. Anthony Chaffee, that whose clip we heard, let’s just hear a little bit from Sophia Clemens as well.

About 100 grams of red meat, average red meat that is combined with certified grams of animal fat pure fat. So this is the basic ratio to start it for everybody.

So 100 grams of red meat with 35 grams of fat is that the ratio of the fatty meat that we should be ingesting every day?

When does it start? Yes, I think it’s a good balance. You need this fat for energy because As your body will now run out on sugar that on ketones, which is a product made by the liver to give energy to your cells, it’s a much, much more efficient fuel for the body. And in my opinion, it’s a natural state of the body. If you have sugar in your diet, the body will prioritize sugar in terms of energy, but not because he prefers it. It burns it first because it’s too dangerous to keep it in the blood. So,

so is it every day we eat that much fatty. For me, it’s fatty beef and lamb that’s the red meat that I prefer. And I know most people prefer beef over them even which I do too. So is this every day that’s all we eat is fatty, red meat until we’re healed and then Then what happens do we start? Can we introduce other foods once we’ve sort of, you know, gone into remission or cured and healed ourselves or and gotten better?

So I think it is a question of getting in tune with your body. So what I recommend to people is to make a month and a half experiment. Just have a TV I would say two thirds meat and 1/3 fat which translates in terms of calories in 80% Fat At 20% protein This is a ratio that everybody can start with. Some people feel better with it a bit more fat. Some people feel better with a little bit less fat. And it all depends also on your strict adherence to the thing because if you make exceptions then things get muddied a bit. Yeah. So

I noticed that I think that whenever I deviated over those six weeks I kind of felt like I had to start again and I did I started again because you can feel it almost right away and then I would start my six weeks again like you said a month and a half.

Yeah, and so after this month and a half of like it’ll be it’s a radical elimination diet which happens to be reconnecting with our true diet and diet right. Now we are used to a lot of simulations we want variety, we we have cultures, where food and sharing a meal with people is important and If we want more variety, okay, there’s nothing wrong with it because after a month and a half, you are better able to notice the signals that your body is sending you. Yes. So if you reintroduce one food, let’s say, after a month and a half of meat only, and further water, I’m really willing to reintroduce teas. I will do it and wait for three days if nothing happens if my mental clarity is not impacted, if my digestion is too good, then it’s okay.

So basically after your six weeks after you’ve really sort of reset your health, hopefully or you’ve, you’ve sort of set off to a better path. Then you can in a measured way start reintroducing other foods but primarily the the concept is that you must keep it or ideally keep it animal based rather than introducing more plants and less less plants, if none at all, which is what I did. I didn’t introduce reintroduce any plants.

For example, for six years, I’ve been eating meat and water, and I reintroduce Salt to taste. It’s important for the electrolytes and well in order to get some value to reintroduce it you’re good. And this is this is basically we do eat eggs. Sometimes it’s really rare

and you don’t mind milk. So

the dairy dairy because I can tolerate it so people don’t tolerate it but some people don’t tolerate it and will tolerate it. But I mean, it’s not a huge part of the diet. Just

because I can go into a fast food restaurant and eat a pizza and eat some salad and everything okay, I’m not falling down to the ground.

So you’re saying as a one off once in a while it’s okay to have a little bit of fun and your right foot for some reason it’s become an entertainment and it’s become so social and

I want to make clear that the Muslims we cannot make plans forbidden is not made fruits for forbidden for example, he said clearly that everything which is plant based plants outside the fruit is inferior. Right. So if we have a choice, I think it’s a disservice to our body to go towards something that is inferior as the reaction of sigma Musa when he said to them, Well, if you really want to hit that go back to Egypt.

So on that note, let’s hear what they have to say about cancer because even now I know it’s getting serious now they’re really tackling this this subject.

Unfortunately, this is a progressive disease patients during the end

the timeframe will make a difference when it comes to cancer as compared to hybrid cancer.

The trajectory of the disease is always the same. The PKD may be a big game changer, because

those patients in a stable state of disease

are able to do that disease which means that there is no increase of the tumor.

This is something because as I said, this is a progressive disease this is expected to grow because this is how you can put somebody in remission Progression Free State another other benefits coming from the diet controlling epileptic seizures, because brain cancers result in seizures and gigantic medications to control this doesn’t work as we know. So

have the athletic seizures

because I think it’s

unbelievable how we don’t most of us don’t know this. I didn’t know this until I met you. And I didn’t realize the importance of this knowledge. And I know that over the years you’ve really sort of opened the eyes of a lot of friends and family. I know you don’t do this professionally and you wouldn’t want to try to build any kind of health practice, which I understand everybody should have access to this. But how is it that cancer can be I mean, she’s talking about advanced cases of cancer and I really recommend everybody go to this podcast and listen to it in its entirety. It’s just one gym after another. But how is it that doctors aren’t open to this or even human beings even people aren’t open to understanding this and what it can do to us

as a species, over complicating things, again with preconceived ideas, and these ideas are being pushed, cause I think it’s not by accident. It’s consciously pushed because rollers. Let’s put it that way. I have noticed that when humans are nourished with inferior foods, and especially plants, they become much more obedient, much less capable of thinking independently. And dependent

on the system.

Basically, they act like cattle. And it’s not surprising that from Hollywood to the mainstream media, until very natural health professionals and gurus they all push this plan based because it makes obedient dicey.

And I can see that because honestly, you get a bit more foggy in the brain. I don’t know what it is. Thinking is not so clear. And now I know the difference because I’ve sort of seen both sides and after being on my fatty meat only diet it’s remarkable the kind of clarity and the energy level. I mean I can keep going on and on about the benefits from you know beauty like you know your skin condition and your skin tightens and you get this glow, the body the figure everything is just you know, optimal but then you also feel really good. And they actually touched on this about some misinformation on meat as well meat causing cancer

studies I mean they were just in case of epidemiological statistics and cherry picking data and deciding when to put in massive amounts of confounding factors. reproduced in Breakfast Club co founder and co founders absolutely no association between red meat and colon cancer and yet people still cling to this. I hear colorectal surgeons in the hospital still telling their patients watch out for written cause colon cancer.

what’s your what’s your reaction to that?

I think doctors in particular they gave a lot of years of their life in studying and practicing and they just don’t keep up with the research. Yeah, and I mean, even the American Heart Association is not blaming anymore. saturated animal rats for any kind of disease. Yeah, there were reviews were already 10 years ago a systematic reviews of all the so called proofs and there’s nothing

and here they’re talking about the challenges just about going against Pharma.

Because you kind of go against everything

representing goes against everybody else is representing the interests of everybody.

It’s a mammoth opponent. I mean, how does anybody circumvent that and allow people to just see for themselves what what the facts are?

We think we are driven mostly by admiration. So money is one one thing, lack of courage going against your professors. I mean, doctors have taught me to be very obedient, okay. But things will change when people will be transmitted some information by people they admire, or respect.

Yeah, that’s one challenge. And the other challenge as they’ll speak by here is that there’s no money in this

is so when you tell people just don’t eat carbs and sugar. sort of think of something that would make it economically feasible to profit off of this, and then there’ll be somebody behind the back, push these these human trials.

I mean, they seem challenged to, you know, find ways for people to make money from from this knowledge so that they can really help people with this genuine approach of something that’s actually going to make a difference in their life and in their health.

What is a bit amusing is that there is absolutely no money to study humans that are just eating meat or animal products, because obviously, what I see and what everybody who has tried it, see is a resolution of or let’s say clinical problems. Huge deal because the body is a self repairing machine. Yeah. And if you provide the nutrition it needs and the energy it needs, it will repair and the

only reason fatty meat is is so good is because it’s nutrient dense, right?

So it gives you everything provides everything you need, despite absolutely no luck. Okay, it’s like telling a lion that he’s missing something because it’s eating meat. We have exactly the same digestive system as the wolf or the lion.

So the biggest concern that I got from people is that cholesterol is, you know, a terrible thing. And if they eat too much meat, they’re going to have to deal with cholesterol. Their doctors have warned them against cholesterol, and I want to talk to you about this, but let me just hear or share with you what they said.

Use for eating usually, instead of vegetable components being version they used before

but cholesterol is not harmful and cholesterol. Is it then good for you? Colas has been

blamed for all the Havoc created by sugar in the body actually would have proved that, for example, the Harvard Medical School have been paid professors there have been paid by the sugar industry to point the blame to the bad criminal.

So when something is first when it’s actually good for us all because there’s there’s an interest or an agenda behind it. Yes, it has been 20 years it has been known

that this is just rolled out. It’s not even a mistake. It’s a purposeful, purposeful misdirection of the blame. All the problems caused by sugar and the increase of sugar for the past 100 years or the problems created like heart attack, hypertension, all these things, diabetes. They have been put the blame has been put on saturated fat, or fat or whole body is made of cortisol or sales. Membranes are made of cholesterol or endocrine system or hormones, etc. Um, basal cortisol, cortisol extra, etc. So we’re not dangerous, right? Not only it’s not dangerous, there is a strong association if you have low cholesterol, mental disease, like pockets, like Isaiah, and you can really use so people. I mean, once you just look at the statistics without knowing anything that 50% You think people who have a heart attack 50% of them have local restaurant, and 50% of high cholesterol. So how do you blame police? I know that recently,

especially from family and friends you’ve been seeing a lot of autoimmune questions. People are coming up with loads of autoimmune disorders. Some serious conditions like Ms. I know that there was a friend recently that you pointed in this direction who had Crohn’s disease. You’ve seen some pretty advanced cases of MS and other other really worrying conditions. Just want to play this clip first. We have seen

the clearance for example, we have seen a lady who was sitting

for two years and six months with a BKB she was able to extend up just by herself. We should mention

she calls the carnivore diet aka D because they came up with it like 10 years ago when there was really not much talk about carnivore so that word really wasn’t around as much PKD was what paleo ketogenic diet Yeah, yeah.

Which is which is basically

meat based from from her definition. And she says that with advanced cases of Ms. Like that woman who was in a wheelchair for 20 years, it took a good six months for them to start seeing the condition reverse how challenging would that be for an MS patient to have to go through six months of fatty meat or does it become enjoyable at some point and do they just start really getting into it? Was most people

find it very enjoyable? I do meet a world on its own and your your taste adapts. And many people don’t go back you know, even for variety is not worth the risk. And not only that not worth the risk for me

I just didn’t really enjoy it anytime you know you and I sort of traveled quite a bit and when we splurge and you know go and have whatever something that’s got a plant or is

is really different. Yeah, it really doesn’t make me feel

so good. And so it’s it’s not even appealing to me anymore, which is really quite shocking because I didn’t think that I’d be saying that ever. These two talks about how doctors are out of touch

with only talented plant based and low fat let’s take a listen

if they had to stop eating, plant based low fat diet and it just really bother now as you can tell your your cardiologist, their tenures literature in their own field. Do you see any hope?

Do you think that people will turn around and really start paying attention to this incredible discovery that I’ve made and I know you’ve made many, many years ago.

It’s hard to say I mean, I think it is really an individual journey. I don’t think the masses will adopt easily because they follow again, what is presented to them as leaders or leaders. The narrative is, on the contrary, trying to eliminate what is healthy. And also there’s so many

unknowns. A friend of mine recently called me and said, You know, I’m really inspired by you because of what you’ve experienced from eating just fatty meat, salt, and water. That’s what I did for six weeks straight. Now as as you pointed out, you know we’ve introduced cheese and yogurt and eggs, and you know more variety, let’s say and she said but I’m trying to get pregnant and of course, I would have to stop this during the pregnancy rate. And I think rather than me answering let’s just take a listen to this clip where they actually addressed that. I had a friend of mine.

Two more pregnancies, kids are doing amazing. They’re really off the charts. And she tried to tell her OBGYN because it was a great guy. He was actually my professor of obstetrics when I was in medical school, a really, really very nice guy who’s very supportive of what she was doing but he was just like, I’m not too interested in it. But if you keep doing what you’re doing her pediatrician is basically in the same category, or just whatever you doing, just keep doing it. And this kid will end up being six foot five and smart. So when you’re

pregnant, it’s okay to continue to eat fatty beef, salt and water and pretty much animal based food. What is the question? Is it

an optimal diet for humans? Of course you are going to maximum chance and you you’re allowing your child to to express its maximum genetic potential. It’s actually good for the baby and

what about when the baby is born Should we continue to feed the baby meat based? Well it will be milk base,

initially two years which is as far as I know, an animal product two years. There’s no plant in there. Right and this is the way and then it would go directly to meat. Wow. See, this is also stuff that

they don’t because if you take a three year old child,

present to this child, a piece of plants like a broccoli and a piece of raw meat and see the reaction of the child of course the child will immediately jump on the meat on it. There’s a reason why

we all rejected that broccoli when we were kids. And I still did. Like Yeah, and what’s sad is this isn’t even allowed to be made into the studies. And she talks a little bit about those challenges but trying to get some of this stuff published.

Case studies diabetics,

looking to remission

became a production return which is otherwise trending towards zero. In such cases, tables and production can restore. For the first time back to 1450 it was just impossible to publish it because we can’t back it

up okay. You haven’t heard about diabeetus incurable. So over

time, I know you’ve done a lot of research

and I know that you’ve worked with a lot of medical experts. Did anyone else try to publish anything? Or is was anyone’s work taken seriously or embraced by the wider population and in the industry? What you must know is there’s absolutely

no money in those people on the country to study this way of eating. Now, I would argue that it’s not even needed. It’s not even needed because we have been doing this for the past 2 million years. Until very recently, when food was scarce, and there was a famine we would go to plants for sure. And the poor people would you know eat wheat and corn etc. But it’s because they didn’t have access to meat. And the agriculture of today is

so new. It’s not the agriculture of the previous generation, or even when they quote the resources from our Prophet. They say that oh he used to eat this and this but whether he was eating a cucumber or or whatnot that the Hadith and we have to also look into those Hadith to see the authenticity but surely it wasn’t the same cucumber as what we have today. For sure. Yeah. Like in

Africa or Middle East. When when you have a society that is not suffering from famine, the main food is meat. Yeah. If we have some Hadith where it is said that the prophets are always what’s presented some good aid from it. We have this hadith because people with a truck that you would eat from because they wouldn’t have noticed it if it was the usual thing. And also whether it was grown in that region

given the climate and the desert conditions. So there’s there’s a lot of questionable items there and let’s finish there this clip with their last thought on the interview, or one of their last stuff last thoughts

strange things first, the evidence was a published


I’m not able to publish anything publication system ready to publish anything that is related to a professional disease without

of the recovery and then having to publish

to publish anything that is about recovery disease catch 22 trap this

is you can’t get anything published and then people that you know want to come and attack you or challenge you say okay, show us something published but you can’t so she’s she’s really in quite a dilemma here. I mean, what do you think is is this the way it’s always going to be? I know that we don’t need it if you just try this way of life and you have nothing to lose. But what about those people that demand to see studies? To see I

think the publication system is broken. Even the director of the Lancet, not a single I think he wrote an article 10 years ago saying that you cannot trust anymore what was published in the scientific literature, because most of the experiments published could not be repeated or it was too tainted by conflicts of interest. And Dr. Jaffe has actually pointed out a lot of

corruption in some of the most reputable medical journals. We know. The thing is,

with Sophia Clements is pointing here is that she has a clinic she has doctors working on people, they reverse disease. In this case, it was type one diabetes, and every doctor will will tell you that you cannot cure that. But she has a case of a patient that was cured, documented, etc. It’s written to the level of publication and the publications refused to publish it because it’s not possible to reverse such a disease. How do you get out of this? Yeah, exactly.

So I would say studies

are interesting, but you can have a study that says the opposite of another one at the end of the day. It’s really how people feel. That is should be the measure. We should if we if we adopted meat based diet, we go along with all human history for the past 2 million years. We’re not adding it’s not a fad. It’s not a new thing. I would say it’s two people pushing plants to prove that is not harmful to humans. And what we see is an explosion of problems. I agree.

Because of you, I’ve learned so much and thank you, I love you for it for that and so many other reasons.

Thank you for sharing so much light and we are going to eat fatty meat today for lunch now.

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