Exclusive: The Dolce & Gabbana Abaya Collection Debut

Storied Italian House Dolce & Gabbana has launched its very first abaya collection and makes its global reveal here on Style.com/Arabia. For the most part, the collection comes in neutral hues—luxe black and sandy beige—while a sprinkling of abayas capture the Sicilian spirit of the house (and make a nod to the Spring 2016 collection) with printed daisies, lemons, and lush red roses. The abayas and hijabs come in sheer georgette and satin weave charmeuse fabrics and include copious lace details along hems. They also appear to feature a lightweight and dramatic drape, which makes this debut collection rife with special occasion overlays to be worn to celebrate the inimitable dolce vita that is distinct to us in the Arab world. Abaya Abaya 2-exclusive-dolce-gabbana-abaya-line-autox1000 7-exclusive-dolce-gabbana-abaya-line-autox1000 6-exclusive-dolce-gabbana-abaya-line-autox1000 3-exclusive-dolce-gabbana-abaya-line-autox1000 8-exclusive-dolce-gabbana-abaya-line-autox1000 4-exclusive-dolce-gabbana-abaya-line-autox1000 5-exclusive-dolce-gabbana-abaya-line-autox1000 9-exclusive-dolce-gabbana-abaya-line-autox1000 16-exclusive-dolce-gabbana-abaya-line-1-autox1000 12-exclusive-dolce-gabbana-abaya-line-autox1000 13-exclusive-dolce-gabbana-abaya-line-1-autox1000 18-exclusive-dolce-gabbana-abaya-line-1-autox1000 14-exclusive-dolce-gabbana-abaya-line-1-autox1000 15-exclusive-dolce-gabbana-abaya-line-1-autox1000 11-exclusive-dolce-gabbana-abaya-line-autox1000 17-exclusive-dolce-gabbana-abaya-line-1-autox1000

Source: Style.com/Arabia


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