Ep6 – ‘The Sinfully Geniously Insane Answer To The Question: ‘Why did God create Man?

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First in the Quran, which is that I often find myself pondering over and it says, and I have not created jinn and men except to worship me. It’s from Surah 51 verse 56. I often allow myself to go deeper into this verse because there’s so much to it even though it sounds like a pretty simplistic message often why am I here? Why was I ever created, I suppose at any given moment, so like now everyone just stop and think about what is the worst thing that you’re going through and what is the best thing that you’re going through and what is the thing that you hope to be going through? And I’m sure it often causes confusion as to why am I struggling with the things that I’m struggling with? And why can’t I just have more of the things that I really appreciate?

Yes, so these very existential question, why am I here? And what is the of my life is something that is really getting up. And we have in the Quran Magistro verse, that is a great an absolute answer to this question. But you need really to stop at this because as it is deep, it is not easy.

Exactly. I’ve only created an easy method, but really the more I think about it is okay, so what does that mean? That means that when I’m going to the worst time of my life, when someone is going through real difficulties, they can say, Oh, hey, this is my time to continue to worship him even though I’m just so scattered and I can’t think straight.

Yes, and when we think like that, we’re jumping into conclusions into creative define concepts. We have not yet

I have already created so that we have creations what is the question of worship? And we we all have these concepts, but are they clear in our minds?

I don’t think so. The question is also why just jinn and men were created, word other beings created word their plants that were created word angels created. So the fact that this verse is speaking about jinn, which are fire beings, correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s how I translated in English. And, and then

absolutely, fire like not the fire, energy, fire, when we light up the chimney

and experience

different types of creation like that. Okay. But Allah tells us that they were created from fire and wind. This is a chemical view of things. It’s not a molecular view or materialistic view. It’s a different way of looking at the creation that is embedded in Quran but men for example, said to be created from water, but it’s not water, like the flowing water that we have in our tap, right? It’s a concept Exactly. There are four concepts. So water, earth, fire and wind or air and the fifth which is, which is light, but it’s not the light the photon, okay, it’s a spiritual light. And so we know the jinn are made of these two, air and fire man, made of earth. Angels are made of laws. So the system is complete. Giving us a great answer between needs to stop and to really explore because the answers one of the most important

right regarding the reason for this final destination, right,

why am I here? And where am I going?

What’s the point of since this verse is dealing with questions of existence really addresses let’s say, occupation or mind thinking of people especially those who are facing religion and all these you know, this is forbidden allowed for these rules. And for them, it is a serious problem when it is very probable these rules so, they are really questioning you know, okay, I’m a Muslim, but really Salah

especially if they don’t know why. Why do you know why then you actually run to the praying five times a day and all these other rules in

this verse is meant to answer this question. And there are people who are even more questioning those who are submitted to a lot of trials and who are suffering a lot. And when you’re facing trials and suffering, you really end up questioning the real reason for your existence. Yes. If these people who are facing these problems, have a certain level of consciousness and faith, then this very questioning is suffering itself. Because in reality, when you end up questioning the reason for your existence that way, it is almost hiding a complaint. It’s almost hiding an objection. It’s like a revolt. It’s like this person would say to God, they don’t. They really don’t question the existence of God. Right, but they end up with this relation. Take telling God, conscious consciously or unconsciously, what did you create? My lord? What did you put me in this world of suffering?

And why me? Why

am I going to I have to go through these trials and the suffering in this way, you know, but only what is good. So, this verse when you read it carefully, it answers not only to these questions, but because beyond in its answers, in elevation and encounter however, the answers that this verse provide themselves, they can be a problem. It can be a problem for many people. Why? Because they are not elevating themselves enough to understand these answers. Okay, in order to understand the verse correctly, you need to work on yourself, elevate yourself to a level of understanding where these answers make sense.

Okay, so you have to work at it. In order for you to get any answers as to why me why am I here? What’s my purpose? Especially when we’re facing the verse from the Quran? Word of Allah. human condition. So, the purest place you can go to find the absolute truth is, you know, it’s not been tampered with which is profound. It’s huge.

Yes, but at the same time, Allah is asking us to think that way they bathe ourselves in our understanding. We, we may and that is a principle Islam, that when you read the Quran, there is a first truth that everything that is that you cannot understand. Okay, well that seems to you to be a problem.


is only a mirror that reveals your true culture and your true concepts that you carry because in reality, the verse that you are facing reveals the problems that you have in yourself.

So if I have a problem with any verse, that is in you the problem in me and that’s a great reflection or a great way for me to reflect, let’s say on myself, and what I need to work on. That is profound, that’s huge.

And we do know that Allah with these lights with this guidance. The point is not to say this verse is a problem for me, I need to accept it. No, I need to face the fact that it causes a problem in me and I need to be sure that the problem is in me and not in reverse. And now I’m going to work on what is making me so uncomfortable, that it causing me a problem. And once I have understood, I have elevated myself. I know the verse is very clear. And the answers flow. Right. Excellent. Is this

prescriptive in the sense that it’s a principle I understand, but, for example, how much of a struggle is it? It must, it must take a lot out of us to first of all, accept that we have that problem that we have something to work on. And then to understand what direction we go to find that work so that we can do the work. You know, we can go in many directions. There’s self help gurus out there. There’s books and there’s training courses, you know, so where do I go to get that right kind of work? Because if I do the wrong kind of work, I’m going to be back to square one. You look to the Quran, and

you read it objectively. And the answers are there. Wow. So and so let’s try with this verse, right. So let’s try to uncover what kind of uneasiness or problem we may find in this verse when we read it the first time. So like the example of someone that is living today, another culture today and is basing his thinking on the concepts of today. If you may ask this person to express very sincerely the impression that is triggered in him or her after reading these ghosts. And we can even easy the task by asking a question deep inside you. When you read this verse. Do you feel peace? Do you feel the feeling of acceptation with peace or on the contrary, do you feel a certain uneasiness? The answer of the contemporary reader we will be in general, after hesitating because usually people don’t like to talk about these things. And that’s supposed to be an easy shot. But inside there is this uneasiness. So after some, let’s say malaise. The person will say, No, really hesitate, but in fact, I can say if I’m truthful that I feel uneasiness. And if you ask the person to do for the reasons of this the person will ask you the question that reveals what is at the core convictions

of the person? What kind of a question What do you mean? They will ask themselves a question you will ask you why God needs to create and the verse says so that you can worship so that you can worship

when did you need to do? So then we can demonstrate to the person that this very question from its very onset has absolutely no foundation because it’s only a human protection on the creator

is only a human production. And when

you ask this question, what do we need to create us? You know, the human beings, they act and they move because they face certain needs. Okay? So he’s the one who doesn’t anything because he needs it? Right.

Okay. He doesn’t do anything because he needs it. So he doesn’t need us to worship Him. So therefore, we can deduce that worshiping Him is for us is for our benefit. So when people look at that verse, some might feel anxiety like what I was only created to worship him. Yeah, exactly. And that can that can be very telling about a person, but also about this question.

So after the person has gone through this phase of asking, why did he need to facing the fact that he forgot that God is not moving by any need? Then once you have gone through this first step, you we can ask again this question to the person and we can ask the person to go and research in very intimate conviction the reason for photo diverse and the answer will be and especially if the person is influenced by what is called the free thinking. The person will say, Well, you know, I think I can detect in this verse, that kind of narcissism, the form of narcissism, if they really reflect because that creates us only. So that we would just bowed down and posted an ad in front of him so that we would glorify him and see how wonderful he is. Is it just for that? Yeah, I feel that this is a bit narcissistic.

Right, right. Kind of get caught up in this trap of well, what does God really want from us? Why did you need us to worship him and bow to him?

Almost was about to kill you, and what needs to be has to do that. But again, falling into the truth of God having any need but the person has stopped before seeing this because the person noted that she came back came back. Driver. Nonsense.

Wouldn’t it doesn’t this just goes have a little bit of a vicious cycle, okay. Because there is no need there is no, God is God is bigger than that is so it comes back to us. Yes. But so then when we answered yes,

but the thing is, if you if you base your thinking on the wrong foundation, deep inside, like you realized that when you ask this question, what does it mean to create us? The answer was he doesn’t need anything. If you don’t think this information, and this concept of God not acting out of faith, you fall into this endless cycle. As you come back to this to this, but if you make it out of your thinking that you can go a step up,

so making what a part of

that is no need driving guide. And

that is something that we need to establish across the board before we can move ahead. Yes.

So it’s the first step. Okay. It’s the first but once you have adopted this foundation for your thinking, you can go one step up to understanding the universe. It is always the same thing. Overall questions? Are always sourced in the same fundamentals. This is what we need to correct and so it is also very necessary to give an answer or those who are asking why am I here? That is satisfying for those who are embarrassed by the service in various degrees. very seldomly, they’re speaking openly about the reverse.

Of course, it’s hard to admit it’s hard to admit that Well, I have a problem with this verse, that God is saying to me that I only created you so that you can worship.

If you want. The true answer to this question, a direct answer to this interrogation. You cannot do it directly, because any answer direct answer you will give is not correcting the wrong foundations in the thinking of the person that will allow the person to understand the verse to go step by step. Because if you do that you would enter with a person. You’re going to use logics and discussion based on what’s in Arabic. It’s good to hold off to other convictions to clarify the concepts for example, Allah says, I have only created

concept of creation what is

clear for us? We don’t know

is the reverse is not online.

And I was gonna say Don’t we need to first maybe define what worship is because maybe worship also means having a good time. Maybe worship means eating great stuff.

So if we want a satisfying answer, and the correct answer, you can only base it on the logic approach and methodical approach of diverse and verifying the various concepts. Yeah, so very quickly, so the first base we just noticed that the verse is a content gathering of fundamental concepts, and it contains an immense amount of information that we can really summarize along three axes, which is defining question of worshiping with his creation. Yeah. The question of the two categories of beings that are responsible and will be judged on the Day of Judgment, the jinn and the humans, right? And then there’s the question of worshiping, what is worship? And so, what I propose is that we can do, I

must say, I find it interesting that those are the two categories of creation that will be judged on Judgement Day so plants will be judged animals will be charged, you know, I find it very interesting that we must put that into perspective, you know, and, and take responsibility for what we do out there in the world because there’s a lot of beings and creation that doesn’t have the same level of accountability or any accountability as we do.

The order of creation, you have beings and beings at church and beings that are not judged. You have beings who are thinking and being nothing you can be a beings thinking and not be judged. Right or creatures that are created. So interesting. So it is a manifestation of the will.

So, the first question

that is Regarding your question is access to avoid improvisation. We can we can ask ourselves these two concepts of creation

of worshiping in the mind of a very precise and sophisticated so that they can understand the verse or do we need to work?

We need to work on it

to make those concepts are these three axes

okay? So,

the answer is no.

We haven’t. But let’s break it down. So let’s find out are very important in order for us to move forward on this. So

that’s the first of the three categories. Okay.

Because we we only have created gene and men because thing missing is the question of creation. So again, this is a question of

we can summarize the question of creation, the first accent last question.

Al Hakim is the one who knows perfectly the link between the causes and consequences to God

is ongoing and wisdom

goes perfectly the link between causes and consequences is just equitable and knowledgeable. So, it means that

when you

we are now

we will buy

because you just wanted to demonstrate

to basically saying we’re saying I’m going to show you that you made a mistake to God, which is ridiculous that you created Adam which you think is is a better creation, but I’m opposed to the better creation. That’s what he wanted to say.

You want to prove to the creator you explain to him the fire experience. He’s the one who created the fire. So, you know, isn’t it a bit stupid to object to the creator of when is all of this knowing perfectly what is doing right?

So I guess the first thing we do is establish God’s protection that God is perfect. God is all knowing, which is exactly what you just went over.

Yes, but we have a smoke. breakdown

the 99 attributes or

attributes. It gives us 99 attributes the fact that is larger

or knowing relationships because it makes it makes it impossible for you to make any objection it creates right. And also, it is absolutely necessary to remind that the creation the question of the creation and the unique creator is the first doll in the fundaments of the face. So even if you take the toe of the People of the Book, what they have in their heads today changed a lot. The first page is also a concentrated question. The revelation also to say nine that was sent to universities to move on.

To understand relations was

so so that importance was really impressed upon us is

the fact that you present the Divinity by starting with the question of creation. Yeah, the lows since the start. Yeah, really. Any questioning? By the facing the relationship clearly.

Thinking has been created by a Creator because it is self evident that the one who gives existence is going to do an excellent to the one given existence. So it is also evident that there is an absolute supremacy from the Creator on the created and also very clearly that the Creator is brought to the scene and so we can go further in the Quran by addressing this very question. In the Surah Yunus example where Allah says indeed, your Lord is the word was created the skies earth in six days, and then he established himself on the throne. is directing all things. There is no intercessor without his permission, it is him Allah YOLO so worship him

we’re being told to worship Him because He is a supreme being. Think exactly the same elements reminded us that he’s the one who has created this guy that is directing everything. So worshiping. Yeah.

So the second

question are the two categories. These

are going to be in the next episode, and we should state by the way that you learned this very early on in depth from your teacher when

non traditional scholars,

right and how did you transmit all this knowledge to you? orally discussions, over years and years of course a couple of few more than a few decades a couple of decades. Okay, so until the next steps,

episodes of those whose points was always posing in religion to say okay, I joined on this and my opinion is this is to really read the Quran. Out of the Quran itself.

The thinking as you read this, we’re

not going to give us proper information. To help us learn how to think.

cannot afford food and shelter so

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