Ep4 – Plant based Diet, Are they really saving you and the Earth?

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After we did the one on carnivore and the benefits of eating meat and sharing some of the thoughts of Dr. Chafee and Sophia Clemens from the Hungarian clinic, I felt maybe it would be a balanced thing to talk a little bit about why the vegetarians and vegans feel very strongly about their position, just so that we can understand and decipher whether we’re missing something, or is there some knowledge that we can attain to sort of maybe even find some sort of a happy medium? Is there a balance between maybe eating some fat based and some animal based? I know what your answer is going to be. And I’m really interested in hearing that. But in my research, I was trying to find an expert, who is recognized and would be taken seriously by the vegetarian and vegan end of the conversation. So there was this woman named Dr. Joanne Kang. And she was speaking on TEDx. So I thought she would be a good reference for us. She’s already had like a million views. So obviously, she’s well regarded. In doing little bit of research, I found that, you know, she definitely does tend to be a spokesperson for the position of plant based eating. But, oddly enough, she is a doctor of musical art from the University of Oregon. So she’s not a the type of doctor that I thought she was going to be. But nevertheless, she makes very strong arguments, and people seem to really appreciate her being that that voice for plant based diets. So she makes a lot of points in this in this talk. And for example, she says, animal agriculture has, you know, the raising of animal food for food, for example, has grown to become one of the most damaging industries to our planet. And we hear that a lot. And I know that you’ve done some, some studies on this, what’s your opinion, when plant based advocates say that we must eat fruits and vegetables and grains and nuts and rice, because because the animals are hurting the planet,saving the planet. By eating Vegetables, yet another goal, right? Animals would be killing the planet or hurting the planet, when they are the planets, right? I think today, you have in the US, for example, millions and millions of heads of cattle less than 100 years ago, when the Europeans arrived in the US, we had 100 million bison, so buffaloes regenerating the soil, because we know that the topsoil on our planet, you know that he was really the fertile part was created by animals, right. It is a circle of ruminant animals that goes into this wonderful system where bacteria is actually transforming the plants and the silos of the plant in particular into saturated fat and that the animal is eating this and also this bacteria, then you have the manure that goes into the soil and is putting back into the soil the nitrogen that is necessary for any life on the planet. We have, I think an overblown perception of the impact of humans on this planet. Regarding the production of co2 or methane, you know, you have to put things into perspective methane in particular, more co2 termite, which is an insect. If you take termites they produce as much co2 as more human activity combined. The fact that yes, we release you too, but it is the food of the plants. Is it related to any impact on the climate? This is debated?

Right. So you’re saying that without animals, we wouldn’t have a planet we wouldn’t have topsoil that we require, we wouldn’t have the quality of the planet that we require. Fair enough. And she’s talking about raising animals for food. So she’s talking about farming animals for food and the conditions in which we farm them and the usage of the grains and the feed you know that we have to grow so more crops for animal feed. And of course they do emit their own guides, which of course human beings do too. And that’s just a fact of life. And that’s probably at point 000 1% factor into into the gas emissions. But she she makes those points from the perspective of of farming animals for food. So is there a difference in your mind as far as whether we’re farming them for food, or whether we’re just letting them run and roam free as as natural and free animals that they are, they should be.

I think over the years, it has been recognized that intensive farming size of natural conditions is probably a bad thing. And let’s say from a sensitivity perspective, you cannot deprive animals from the natural way of life. And, but many farmers know that it’s because it is true that if you, if a cow is not happy, it will not produce milk. If an animal is depressed and deprived of sun, it will not be healthy. And you will spend a lot of money into curing into preventing disease. It’s just like human beings, all all animals, all living organisms, they need to be, quote unquote, happy in order to live and to deliver, let’s say, what they’re supposed to deliver in life. So there was some excess. But in general, there’s a lot of exaggeration. People who are blaming animals do not usually point out to the fact that 95% of all animals that are raised are raised, maybe in you know, in a prairie eating grass. A lot of them are what is called grain finished. In order in the last two or three months of their life, they are given grains, corn, or some cereal,

most even the majority of them, I felt like that. And

I would say probably most of them are finished. But I don’t have a two year life for your life, you have a few months at the end to fatten them. And these grades are making them fat, just as they do for humans. Right, right. They’re mammals, but it is really a question that is the practice of 5% to the whole thing. So, in general, it is estimated that maybe 10% of the plant production is used to is used to feed animals, animals. Putting the blame of animal raising, say that it is ridiculous that we would use like 16 kilograms of grains to get one kilo of meat. Yeah, right. It is the case. Most of the plants that during the winter in Europe, you can collect plants now Baldwins during during the summer. And and the plants that are collecting for them are plants that humans cannot consume. Right? The end of the day, cows wonderful machine that is upcycling proteins in plants that we cannot benefit from.

So the best way to get your vegetables is by eating a cow because the cow is processing the vegetables that one would eat in a in a more beneficial way and actually extracting the nutrients because we haven’t we learned that plants actually are anti have anti nutrients and they’re not healthy for eating plants is not a way of getting the nutrients that a plant may hold.

But if we if we want to set the discussion into a very deep passionate framework, we don’t need plants or meat or anything. We need the components of these things. Right, right. So we are we have a body that is part of the mammal world. And we need protein. We need fats and carbohydrates.

Why not just take a bunch of supplement pills and just call it a day?

Exactly. The thing is, we have a very poor understanding of how this machinery operates. These are very complex systems within systems within systems. It’s it’s beyond comprehension for now. We have in each of these living organisms, interactions of systems that we just barely start to understand they exist we are very far from understanding how they work. We have very far from understanding all these things articulate one with each other. In a piece of meat, we have so many things we don’t know, we don’t know. Yeah. So all we can rely on his experience and the results. And let’s say, the history of diet, right? What we see constantly throughout history is that people in general in the middle age in Europe, for example, peasants or even normal people where they were complaining when they had to only eat vegetables or plants, because it was deemed to be a failure of those in charge. It would it is a time of scarcity. It is a full back diet for poverty. Well, not to mention, the plants of today are not the plants of previous generations. So they have had a form of mutation, and they have been handled and manufactured really differently than they were ever produced in the past. Isn’t that correct? Yes, it is absolutely correct.

Since the introduction of agriculture, about 12,000 years ago, humans have been trying to select plants, so that from something very non sugary, very fibrous, they would pick the plant plants are the trees that are more palatable, or more easy to store for long periods. And they would prefer this tree and replant it again and again. And this made the selection over time. over the 1000s 2000 years, you have plants and fruits that appear that did not exist, for example, all the kale family, Brussels sprouts, all these things? Well, they started really a few hundred years ago but they all come from one herb. So they are all let’s say, modification, selection of one herb , which is the wild mustard

a friend of mine who really had a tough time with my ideas on eating meat based food. You know, kudos to her because she really stayed open minded, and she did her own research. And she’s coming around. And just recently, she sent me a post where she said, I just can’t believe she found a picture of a banana. I don’t know how many years ago versus what a banana looks like today. And it’s so different. And she said, I’m having a heart attack, because I never factored in that. The idea that, you know, these are not the same plants that you know, our ancestors were eating. And so how do we know they’re good for us? So she’s asking those kinds of questions.

Well 99.9% of the plants in this planet will kill you directly. Why do we think that for different plants that we find in a supermarket will actually be good for us? Yeah,

absolutely. Right, because a lot of the doctors that I’ve been following, and I’ve been doing a lot of independent research as well, in addition to some of the stuff that you’ve been teaching me, is consistent with that. They’re all saying that plants will kill you. Plants are poisonous for human beings. And we have to be very careful, you know, when we try to develop our understanding around plants, because we have to understand what are those components that are so dangerous, that no matter how much you cook them, or eat them raw or whatever, they are going to hurt us. The science of

preparing plants is an ancestral knowledge. And we’ve lost it. Our ancestors knew such and such plant you couldn’t consume it without preparing, cooking a lot or ferment it. And today, we think for example, potato, the peel of the potato, people in Poland, they knew it was absolutely toxic. Today, we’ll say all the vitamins are in the peel. So there was a science to the fermentation of fruits and vegetables, which we don’t do anymore. We don’t make our foods and vegetables, we’re coming back to some ignorance. But even then did we really need to eat fermented fruits and vegetables. Again, it was understood in all cultures, that the plants would be a complimentary food to the real food, which is the meat or the animal product. That is the fatty meat based diet, to come back to the remark

of this wonderful lady that is doing this ted talk about which animals are destroying the planet. it is actually quite the opposite. If I look at things from a dispassionate point of view, agriculture, mono cropping and the timing of the land over over the past 200 years actually created deserts of our lands, fertile lands, right? Nothing is growing anymore in England, in France, or in the US without artificial fertilizers. And this is very, very worrying. Our soils are dying and this is the real danger for the planet. Because if the Soils are dying, the plants are dying, there will be no animals anymore. And us being apex predators will be deprived of any consistent source of food. My conclusion on this cycle, you know, and without any preference or any ideology, the only way to solve this is to put back ruminant animals everywhere, and we could solve the problem of the soils in 10 years. Wow, that’s really promising. So coming back to some of the points that she made in this in this talk, she said going green and diet is critical to our planet’s sustainability. She said, our diet is the biggest cause of death. And I think you would agree but it is the plant based diet, that’s the biggest cause of death. There is an English one bomb causes. Who do autopsies like medical doctor doing autopsies. And he was as he was, he was called The Man of 1000 autopsies and at the end of of his life, he was asked, Well, according to your experience, what is the weapon that people use the most to their life? And he replied, The fork? Wow, well, well, so she says scientific evidence links, meat and meat products to numerous diseases of coourse due to meat consumption consumption, have skyrocketed to $50 billion per year. You know, these reports can be so funny, because you can I guess, pull out a report to justify any position that any person takes no matter how ridiculous or how valid that position is. 

Well, the thing is, this is old propaganda and it is not that you can just oppose a good study versus not a good study that says the opposite. The studies that concluded that meat was a health hazard were all badly constructed, and 10 years ago, they were already mata analysis, analysis of multiple studies. And the conclusion, was it was not the case. And we heard in that Dr. Chafee interview that publishing a study on meat is impossible. No one accepts it. And and that constant rejection makes it one of the most difficult things to break through. So what does the science industry that’s a proponent of meat meat based diets, do in that case, there, they really don’t have anywhere to go, you need to understand

that publishing a study. And in this case, it’s not a study on meat, it’s epidemiological studies, which is that you separate two groups right? one consuming meat, but this meat is a hamburger or sausage in a gas station every day, which is very bad quality, that is not even meat. And you have another group that doesn’t eat this crap. Yeah. vegetarians or vegans, usually these people are more conscious of the health because if they went that route is just understood that there was a link between their health and what they put in their body, they’re just cutting out junk food.

And usually they drink less the party less, they take less jobs, they do more exercise, right. So you’re on this group that mostly health conscious, right, right or wrong way, but they they try to take care of the health. On the other side, you’re the typical American or European who doesn’t care about his health, smoking, drinking, budding drugs, and eating crap all day long. And you isolate within the diet of the bad health conscious people that have this meat, right, and this is the contract.

But then you have organizations that like who the World Health Organization that say that read and process needs are as dangerous as cigarettes and asbestos. Meat is the new tobacco. That’s what she shared in her in her talk. So when you’ve got huge organizations that have a lot of influence on people’s health and people’s minds, can convince people that’s me, Is that dangerous? Yes. Equal to tobacco and asbestos.

And it is these people, the same organization that said that smoking was so good for pregnant woman. And and these are the same people that said, our best use was no problem. Yeah, so the thing is, if I want to be ironic, I would say, Why would suddenly meat be bad for us when our ancestors relied on meat exclusively for 2 million years?

But would they ask the valid question, haven’t animals also changed and evolved over the years, just like plants have changed. So our agriculture is no longer the same agriculture of previous times. But our animals also different?

We know that’s not the case. We know for a fact, because, for example, we can find mammals have 50,000 years in the eyes of Siberia. And you can eat this meat. Yeah, they were just frozen. And when you get to them, it’s exactly the same meet negligible, whatever changes because a DNA change, or digestive system to change, it takes hundreds of 1000s of years, if not millions, right. So we know that is not the case. And we know for a fact what our ancestors were eating until the invention or the introduction of agriculture, we know that for a fact, through the study of the bones of ancestors, if you have the bones of an animal, of a living creature in your hands, through esoteric studies, the study of the components of this bone, you know, the diet of the animal. And if you do that on humans, you know, for a fact it’s so the reason, you know that they were asked 10 years if not more than the lions today.

Were well, in her talk, she argues that there is beneficial fiber only found in plant foods, as well as antioxidants, and hundreds of 1000s of fetal chemicals that protect the body and support good health. Yes, this is an idea this is floating around. So fiber, fiber. I mean, it is a molecule of sugar that is going to be digested by

the why is it good for us? Or why do they say it’s good for us? It’s

up to us them? Yeah, because in fact, when people are suffering for constipation, they usually they recommend doctors in general recommend that you love your fiber fiber, yeah, it can help in the way that if your digestive system is very lazy and not functioning correctly, the fiber is such a pain to the digestive system is such a hindrance, that it will try to eliminate it as fast as possible. So it’s a danger that this will get out. So you will pop up immediately. But some people have a very bad digestive system for whatever reason, and when they are constipated, like when they could eat your particular patient discuss the patient with a root cause. And they make the bed for once. The very control trial where they they put one group of people as a control, they don’t change anything. So they are concentrated, nobody knows why. So they are suffering from bleeding in the stools, very pain, gases and you know, everything you can suffer when you have constipation. And then they have a group of people, they increase the fiber. Then the group of people, they reduce the fiber and the group of people they remove all fibers and which group is there. At the end of the 15 day experiment. The group that has no fiber is going nobody has absolutely no symptom of anything.

So no fine low fiber. But that’s got to be shocking to anyone who really believes in plant based diets because that is a sequential

because not many times I’ve been in front of doctors or not to protect doctors. And I told them look at the facts. Our digestive system is the one of the wolf or the lion. It’s exactly the same. And they will say, No, it’s not what I’ve been taught. And I asked them to go into not, you know the physiology book, physiology

I feel for them, because unlearn a lot in order to get your head around this. She basically and I’m sure she believes this. And I just know from my recent studies that this is not true. But she says vegetarians have longer life expectancy, and lower rates of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and she said a few more. They genuinely believe that vegetarians live longer and have lower rates of these diseases, these very serious diseases,

which is absolutely not your true Because vegetarian, I mean, the country in the world that has the lowest life expectancy is India.

And they are vegetarian. Yeah, because you have

so many preconceived ideas with Indian people out of India, misrepresenting what’s happening in India, when we talk to people who are Indian, and looking really at the situation, they are horrified by the denial of animal protein to the population that leading to so many disease, diabetes, and early death. 70 to 75% of Indians currently are eating meat, contrary to what we’re seeing, but they are limited by the availability, by the cost and by the political pressure, because now it’s a kind of marker between Hindus and Muslims. If you eat meat, then your must be with the Muslims deserve to be cookie. Ironically, in the Veda, where is the higher highest form of code. So if you look at the Veda itself, it tracks the quality of the food and the red meat is the highest food for humans. And yet Hindus allow themselves to be vegetarian, the Sacred Scripture are very clear. But since the a priori was a deviation in observation, probably 2000 years ago or so, which led them to believe that they should be vegetarians? Well, they really should not have been, they just have been consuming meat.

I mean, when I put the citizens of political people in charge, would have limited the availability of meat in order to save the cattle from this disappearing, because maybe have a problem of overpopulation at that moment. So they prefer to reserve the cattle to the production of milk, and soy, ghee, yogurt, etc.

But it’s an economics obably tougher decision? Maybe that means hypothesis. Another hypothesis is that people in charge of a group of people, because you have to understand that agriculture appeared with the formation of big cities, and governments and governments and unbiased, alright. This is the personnel itself, I smell a rat just so I mean, there is a strong association between apparently the submissiveness of human beings in a group and the diet. And when people are mostly eating plants become more passive, and more controllable through emotions. This is a political tool that was even used until recently probably still is, by US special forces, the Spetsnaz in Russia when a part of the interrogation protocol is when you have a suspect and you want to interrogate a suspect, it is perfect Selena say so in one of his book. You you look at person 15 days in prison cell and vegan. And after these 15 days, you can start to ask the questions. The mind the willpower of the person is shattered, breaking down yes, they are very emotional and they break very easily. Well, that’s why so many clients are hallucinogens, you can alter people’s mind or the problem is because I mean, for me it also but this is less, let’s say it’s less evidence based, but there is a strong push by many people want to control other people to push towards a plant based diet. Yeah. And you see that from Hollywood to governments to even the local guru in India. They love the followers to be plant based, because now you can you have more control.

Maybe this is why because she argues in this talk this planner calm that leading research journals all support claims of plant based diets. And she confirms the vegetarians do not get diseases according to these journals. And we need to take these journals seriously but all these journals must be tied in with some of these. These bigger ideas of trying to you know, get people to obey

this thing, and there’s also the system of Big Pharma. So if you understand that your health is mostly driven to eat, if what you eat gets you sick, it opens a new, a very big market for people to make money into cure. I’m not talking about only doctors, etc, the sales magic pill that will cure you, instead of addressing the cause, gives thinking. And these are the financing these journals. And when you have a research that is showing something that is opposite, they want to believe it’s true that they would just deny publication. But things are changing. More and more people are waking up. Even Harvard did a study in 2021, showing that people six months on the prep free diet 80% of them resolved all problems, metabolic problems. And

meanwhile, she argues that the progressions of diseases by eating meat can be halted or reversed as quickly as two to three weeks of just eating a plant based diet. So if you just do your meat diet, and just eat fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains, will lead to a healthy world. So when you go up proponents talking like this, and really back it up. She hasn’t given adequate sources. But to be fair, it’s it was a short talk. There’s a lot of confusion. Now, a lot of people get confused, like, oh, maybe I’ll be you know, I need to go fully plant based now because I just said,

Sure, sure, people. There is not one single population on this planet, that could be found to be okay, when they have no access to animal flesh, they would set up for milk. You know, but it was a great hope for many people to find the primitive tribe that was thrive on a pure digital diet, and it doesn’t exist.

And it’s nice that we hear about how important animals are for the health of the planet and the soils. But they’re in their statements in her talk at the health of our planet, being sad. Because of the soil erosion, the climate change, the deforestation, the global warming, depletion of our world hunger, species and habitats, ocean dead zones, water and air pollution is all attributed to meat based diets, we cannot put these things off dealing with them any dealing with otherwise, we face catastrophic damage. So that’s a very strong and scary message. And it would scare anybody out of eating meat based food.

I would say there are two dimensions there is the date that you adopt for your own health and the diet you adopt to save the planet between brackets. So some people are denying themselves the human diet, because they are convinced that this will be an ethical thing to do. This is a trap. Because what she’s stating there is absolutely not true. What is causing the land erosion is tiling is a culture is exactly the production of all these things that the vegans are eating from, like weeds and cereals, etc. You have to kill all living creatures, on actors and hundreds of actors who pesticides etc. And in order to get your daily bread, this is quite

a job in spinning, and she did a very good job at really laying it in to everyone. If we don’t stop eating meat, she said the cost of reversing the damage to our planet will be tremendous. There is one thing that is a major cause of all these global problems and that is animal agriculture. Here are a few facts. Animal agriculture accounts for 51% of greenhouse gas emissions. It’s the number one cause of species and habitat loss due to deforestation and grazing and growing animals for feed crops. Sorry, grazing animal feed crops. It’s the main cause of water pollution. It uses half of our water 70% of our grain and 80% of our agricultural land to raise the 10 billion land animals that are killed every year for food. Wow, that’s pretty devastating. You can cut your carbon footprint in half by going vegetarian. All journal. All journals pretty much reflect this, including the United Nations Environmental Program says that a worldwide diet change needs to take place away have Apple products to fix these problems? What do you make of that? is totally made up? Yeah, this is so how do we prove that when when this when the need based proponents aren’t even allowed to publish their studies? No, no, I mean, you have great environmentalist who absolutely have made these PowerPoints, numbers that are put together by marketing firms in order to sell an idea that will vary as breakfast cereal, for example, people who will make a lot of money into replacing nutritious food by empty crap that will lead you to be sick. So we have the data from the United Agriculture Organization. From from very good researchers, the serious ones who who study the impact of animal reported who the World Health Organization, you said that they had reports on the dangers of plants and plant based foods for sure they have a page on the toxins in the natural toxins in plants. But it would be not not taken seriously. Why aren’t people adhering? It just doesn’t fit the agenda. You prefer to lie like saying animal agriculture causes 56% of all greenhouse gases, when in fact in the US, it is I think 3% Right. Yeah. So, there is a lot of flows, a lot of ideology in these numbers that are actually not true and you have very good sources of information that correct this according to the best methodologies. Basically, I think it was calculated that if you killed immediately all cattle in this planet, you would reduce the co2 emission by zero 3% or something. Oh, my God, you know, it’s ridiculous. And why would anybody consider killing any of the cattle on this planet? I mean, they’re there for a reason. There’s a purpose for everything. And there’s a purpose for plants if we just recognize what category there’s a lot of arguments, you know, yeah,and plants are not food. But, you know, they they do have sort of that monopoly at pulling at the heartstrings. In her talk, she tells a story of an animal in a factory farm. It’s a sow and she says, I am a cell confined in a cage. I suffer from depression, frustration and neurotic behavior. My limbs are swollen, I have open wounds. I’m forcibly impregnated then slaughtered at the age of three to five years old by being stunned and lowered into boiling water. I mean, that whole thing is so graphic that it would turn anybody off of eating animals. I have a sense of self I am intelligent and a social creature. I have memories and I can recognize myself in a mirror just like you I actually know that I love to play even computer games just like you are which really is far fetched, but and I didn’t know that but okay. I think to my babies during nursing, I am someone I am not food. Because she said if we love our pets and family members, then awaken your realization that animals we eat are also very special. They deserve our love and compassion by not eating them. Psychic numbing, she says what’s happening to us these days pertaining to the loss of life at a mass level and we are psychically numbing ourselves we avoid the pain of empathizing with with this type of animal treatment. And it’s a it’s a type of denial. Can’t think of those animals as individuals is most convenient. So she says plant based eating is one of the top global trends going on. And we need to take it seriously

so let’s throw it I think this appeal to emotion is is is just a tool to manipulate the minds. It is really meant to convince people who are totally disconnected from nature. Because in this world, everything lives out of something else. And yes, we should cherish and respect the animals. But by treating them correctly. Yeah, and by appreciating that we are taking a life it’s not a light gesture.

This is why we have a concept of Halal entail in Islam. Absolutely. Which is to respect. Respect to the cinema and the development of the animal and the slaughtering of the animals all along its life. Wait, yes, yes. That’s a struggle for us in being grateful, even to the animal. Yeah. But this animals function is to nourish a human. Right. And if you think you’re going to leave without taking a life, you’re totally delusional. We know now that fans are feeling so. And as Muslims we know that everything in this universe has consciousness. So it’s really a loaded topic because yeah, I play I play video games. What does it mean for a cow? It’s such it’s so close to Disney propaganda where the animals are so cute. Little monster toppling piano. This is a mentality of people from the cities that do not know any, any more what natural harmony is. Everything is living off something else.

I think after this at some point we need to talk about drinking water and how much water we need. That’s an entirely different subject and we’ll get into that but this really leaves me with a lot of food for thought No pun intended.


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