Embodiments of Faith and Fashion: Islamic Jewelry

When I tell other people that I am writing about Islamic fashion, the first question that I usually get afterwards is: Is that not a contradiction? How can covering the body and wearing a Hijab be fashionable? What many people do not understand is that there absolutely exists the possibility of combining faith and fashion – of dressing stylishly and staying loyal to the Islamic religion. After all, the elegance that Islamic attire has always upheld, has often been the inspiration for many men and women to come to and embrace this way of life. That then leads to further exploration of the values based life that Islam offers, thereby proving Islamic fashion to be a source of opening or “dawah” for people. 

Islamic jewelry offers the opportunity to appreciate the depth in heritage whilst sharing an insight on the journey of Islamic values over time. Brands like Zudo and Artizara offer jewelry collections reminiscent of the Islamic craft of creative elegance. We see how it also contributes perfectly to a fashionable modest style at the same time. 

Zudo stands for fashionable, elegant jewelry pieces which represent the founders’ South Asian roots and Islamic faith while being simple enough to wear them every day. Jewelry from Zudo, however, does not only embody Islamic culture and beliefs, it also has the purpose to make people aware of certain social issues. 



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The Islamic lifestyle brand Artizara was founded by Sarah Ansari who drew inspiration from Islamic artistry when coming up with the idea for her business. As stated on her brand’s website, looking up at the ceiling of an ancient mosque with its interlocking patterns reminded her of the fact that all people are connected through witnessing beauty in life – a statement which jewelry pieces sold by Artizara are intended to emphasize. Additionally, they transport spiritual and religious meanings. For example, some of them are inscribed with the Ayat al Kursi verse of protection from the Quran.



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Written by Miriam Chisti

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