Duck – Hunting for Some City Girl Chic? Watch Out for Duck

silk scarves

By Maryam Ismail

If you are looking for a modest fashion brand where you can get almost everything under one roof, you have Duck. Created by Vivy Yusof, this is a cutesy brand that does some serious business. Featuring modest headgear, gorgeous hand bags and home décor. Yusof began as a blogger talking about her favorite items, but she has now flipped the script and has everyone else doing the talking about her city girl chic. She describes Duck as “A lifestyle brand for the modern city girl.” 

The best of the website is her selection of silk scarves. These sleek, solid colored scarves can accent any outfit, day or night. Not too keen on silk? There are many fabrics and styles to choose from. Apart from scarves, there are plenty of other shopping girl crushes. One such item is the Hannah Cross Body Bag. This beautifully crafted bag with its gold front latch earns its place in the ‘it’ bag market.  

 Duck is one of a multi-brand collective; Fashion Valet. This is Southeast Asia’s premier online destination for Asian brands. It is an online marketplace of trendy, modest fashion brands such as Smiley Mo, Aere, Thavia and more. Watch out for Duck at Islamic Fashion Design Council at Pret-A-Cover™ Buyer’s Lane beginning March 28, 2018. 

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