Dubai’s Most Covetable Hammock

By Eric Broug

Dubai Design Week 2016 offered many creative, beautiful and visually stimulating objects and ideas. For me, there were two stars of the show. One was the Iconic City, Cairo Now exhibition, the other was the leather hammock, made by Saher Oliver Samman at Tashkeel, as part of his participation in the Tanween Artistic Residency programme there.

The Tanween programme has been running for four years and many of its alumni have exhibited their products at Dubai Design Week in previous years.

Saher Oliver Samman was one of eight Tanween designers to exhibit at Dubai Design Week this year. He moved to the UAE from London in 2013, where he studied at the London College of Fashion. He grew up in multicultural East London, with a English mother and Palestinian father.

Designed and manufactured entirely in Dubai , Saher’s hammock is made of leather strips in various colours, and makes a material, visual and heritage connection with the United Arab Emirates. Some of the main challenges he faced was finding local craftsmen who could help him create his vision. He’s been working with a car upholsterer who has a very skilled team of leatherworkers.  Here is a short video in which Saher talks about the design and manufacture of his hammock:

Saher has made ten of these beautiful hammocks and they come with a bespoke metal and wooden stand. Price is 30,000 AED. Get in touch with Tashkeel for more information:


Eric Broug, December 2016

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