Dosougi – Modest Closet of Marvels

modest fashion

By Madiha Ajaz

Necessity begets ingenuity, and this proved true for Ms. Huda by launching Dosougi Designs. The necessity was the lack of stylish modest clothing in the 80s. The journey to this launch started by Huda finding it tough to shop for clothing with modest requirements. She then started sewing her own clothes with the help of her mother. Her friends and relatives soon started admiring her skillfully designed outfits ,and she eventually held three modest fashion shows by the age of 21.  

 Dosougi Designs represents a brand that promises to empower modest women, by dressing them in timeless and classic pieces that are fashion-forward with adherence to their faith. One can choose to wear this clothing with or without a headscarf, giving a versatile functionality to the clothing line. Dosougi Designs is a Hijab closet of a modern Muslim woman, aiming to be practical, trendy and adaptable with smart-casual, athleisure, and eveningwear. This closet can be viewed online on their soon-to-be launched website, as well as Instagram (@DosougiDesigns). 

 Huda believes she supports women’s rights by enabling them to dress in a wide range of modest styles, in every profession, every setting and every country. Believing that a woman’s clothing is her personal choice, and that she should be able to wear her faith loud and proud, Ms. Huda is excited to showcase her modest fashion line at Pret-A Cover™ Buyers Lane. 

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