Do Good Guys Wear Turbans?

IFDC -Turban“The turban signifies a student. A student is one who surrenders his ego.” — Hari Singh Bird Khalsa The turban can be worn worn by both men and women. The turban is not just laid on or wrapped around the head, it is tied in such a special way as to maximize the benefits to the wearer. The turban does not just sit on top of our head, it caresses the head in such a way as to enhance the powers of the amazing human brain. – Yoga philosophy “It is incumbent on those who know to teach those who do not know.” — Hari Singh “Remember, those who have to wear a crown on their head must have their neck muscle really strong. Those who want to read the history can read the history; those who want to write the history can write the history; and those who have to make the history must have shoulders to carry the world at large.” — Yogi Bhajan

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