Dian Pelangi presents ‘Ereditá Srivijaya’ for Torino Fashion Week 2017

The Indonesian fashion designer and modest fashion icon, Dian Pelangi, will participate in this year’s Torino Fashion Week, located in Torino, Italy. In partner with the Islamic Fashion and Design Council, the fashion week will be the first mainstream fashion week in Europe to showcase modest fashion brands. As it is the first time to showcase her collection in Torino, Italy, Dian Pelangi will apply a new approach to accommodate the needs and expectations of the worldwide modest fashion community.

Torino Fashion Week 2017 will be the first fashion show in which Dian Pelangi’s newest collection will be presented after the re-branding. Dian Pelangi Prive, along with the other three labels, KramaNom, and Men, are the new labels of Dian Pelangi which was introduced during the Titik Temu re-branding and solo fashion show in Jakarta, Indonesia, on 21stMay 2017. Dian Pelangi Privé is the new haute couture label of Dian Pelangi, catering to custom made and limited pieces.  Krama provides ready to wear pieces for customers who fancy staying classy and elegant, while Nom tailors to customers who are looking for youthful and fresh looks through its pattern play and details. In addition, Men is specially tailored for the modest menswear collection. The transformation of the brand also includes reinventing its aesthetic philosophy, which is represented in its new logo, visual merchandising, packaging, as well as the visual design and content of the Dian Pelangi website.

Special for Torino Fashion Week 2017, Dian Pelangi will bring a whole collection from the brand new Dian Pelangi Privé label. The new collection titled ‘Ereditá Srivijaya’, focuses on fusing the Italian and Indonesian design aesthetics and philosophy through the usage of songket, the luxurious traditional fabric of Palembang Indonesia, a city well known as part of the historical Srivijaya Kingdom, with some elements of baroque designs which bloomed in Italy in the 17th century. By delivering the theme of ‘The Grandeur of Songket in Italian Baroque’, the collection is expected to catch the attention of the Italian audience, the audience back home in Indonesia, as well as the worldwide modest fashion audience.

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