Designers Announced for Torino Fashion Week’s Modest Category By IFDC

After months of receiving countless designer submissions, Islamic Fashion & Design Council’s (IFDC) modest fashion category at Torino Fashion Week (TFW) taking place from June 29 to July 3, 2017, is now overbooked. The final selected designers are undergoing preparation to showcase, partake in B2B sessions and meetings, and appear in front of fashion juries for exciting and career defining awards that will yield immense business opportunities to the winning IFDC designers.

In the upcoming IFDC catwalks of TFW, you will see that creativity has no limitation from structured or flowing fabrics that will incorporate laces, buttons, ruffles, pleats, prints and superior style. Modest designers are showing talent that ranges from head to toe at this year’s TFW. From instant headwear, silk scarves, fancy gloves, flowing couture gowns, to ethnic shoes and exquisite abayas, dresses, and professional suits, IFDC designers will feature clothing collections ranging from casual every-day wear to the most red-carpet worthy pieces.

Photo courtesy of Helen Latifi

These talented modest wear designers will be flying in from all over the globe including Czech Republic, South Africa, Bahrain, Sultanate of Oman, Turkey, UAE, USA,  Canada, Malaysia, UK, and Indonesia and other countries in order to feature their valued collections that already boasts a strong global following. Each IFDC designer that was selected for TFW has automatically qualified for the highly coveted awards that will be bestowed on the winning modest fashion designers. The awards are a part of a collaboration that IFDC spearheaded with key industry players in order to offer career defining opportunities with prizes that will catapult even the most advanced designers to a new level in their career!

Islamic fashion has become a crucial segment in the global fashion industry. The increasing market for modest clothing is parallel to the growing number of Muslims worldwide; that is complimented with a strong secondary market of modest fashion consumers from many faiths or modest lifestyle. Therefore, the call on modest designers to present at mainstream shows such as TFW is central to its progress to elevate the visibility of brands. In relation to its progress, IFDC Chairwoman, Alia Khan’s keynote speech on July 3rd at TFW’s closing ceremony will mark some important factors to ongoing success in the fashion industry in general.

Harper’s Bazaar photo courtesy of Fllumae

The selected designers have already accomplished a grand feat by paving a way into this historic deal for modest fashion within a mainstream fashion week. This opportunity will allow them to significantly increase their exposure on a wider scale. The final catwalk schedule for the IFDC designers showing at TFW is:





                                                            SATURDAY, JULY 1st 

16:00 to 18:00

Mak Cun

Juwyriya Hersi


19:00 to 21:00

Bulbulia Threads by Tasleem Bulbalia
Ilham Ismail




16:00 to 18:00

Helen Latifi
Sister From the West By Alia Sonara

Ella Brizadly


Boutique De Nana



19:00 to 21:00

Jeny Tjahyawati

Novita Sari

Al Nisa

Nina Nugroho

Samar Murad



Dian Pelangi
Natasha Kamal

Nida Azwer
Amal Al Raisi

Chairwoman, Alia Khan’s Keynote Speech
Debenhams Modest Category Awards By Aab to IFDC Modest Designers
AT FILMS Awards by Ala Hamdan to IFDC Modest Designers


IFDC is set to close for TFW  with their final designers showcasing on July 3rd from 7p to 9p in which the Chairwoman’s keynote speech as well as awards are included in this final catwalk schedule. Immediately following this will be the TFW closing ceremony at 9:30pm where the Luxury Awards for IFDC modest designers will be announced by Sommet International de la Mode

Photo courtesy of Bambah

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