DESIGNER SUBMISSIONS BEING ACCEPTED:  As IFDC makes Modest Fashion history once again in Italy!

With designer submissions now open, Vogue Talents drives the scene to a new level as the continuing exclusive partnership for modest fashion between Islamic Fashion and Design Council (IFDC) and Torino Fashion Week (TFW) has set a wave of excitement over designer selection once again. Captivating modest fashion at center stage in the European fashion scene through style leader, Italy, 2019 sees this collaboration being brought to an unprecedented level. 


The week is dedicated to showcasing outstanding modest fashion designers to promote and present their work to the Italian and the global markets as new brands are brought to the forefront of what is sure to be a groundbreaking opportunity for them.

Italy being the 4th largest Muslim population in Europe, has established a demand in modest fashion through this and a strong secondary non-Muslim modest fashion market among Catholics and other faith-based fashionistas. Italy continues to prove it’s strength as the global hub of fashion around the world, and now as it increasingly acknowledges the worldwide demand for modest clothing it has closed the circle on a gap that industry players have started paying serious attention to.


IFDC, the Official Modest Fashion Partner of Torino Fashion Week, is changing the narrative and bringing the Modest Fashion industry to a new global scale


Torino Fashion week is the perfect blend that adds to the Italian fashion narrative. “The best part is that it is not a passing thing, people in modest fashion usually embrace this lifestyle for higher reasons and for a lifetime, it’s been around since the beginning of time and will remain until the end. The managing team of TFW have a deep respect for this consumer profile, our experience with Claudio Azzolini and his amazing team has always comprised of the ideal components of a great partnership, here’s to more years with this incredible fashion week, TFW!” said Alia Khan, Chairwoman of IFDC.


Since the beginning of the collaboration in 2017, the partnership between TFW and IFDC has pronounced itself as a prominent part of the Italian modest fashion culture. The upcoming fashion week is set to showcase designers from all over the globe who each bring a blend of great fashion style and modest-enriched pieces. From fabrics, prints, designs and high-quality work, the looks being lined up are sure to dazzle the industry and the media this year.


Bow Boutique (KSA), TFW 2018


“We are looking for designer submissions that will allow us to feature the Modest Woman in all occasions from casual day wear to evening wear. Designers from all backgrounds may submit irrespective of faith or whether they are in the modest or mainstream space as long as they meet the modest fashion guidelines”, said Sara Aslaoui, head of IFDC Italy and the TFW-IFDC Selection Committee, “there will be a strong focus on sustainability and ethics as they are essential to maintaining the longevity of the pieces and the planet”, she added.


“Modesty has shown itself to be what it really is – fun, elegant, exciting, stylish and everything that one would expect from fashion. What’s exciting about our experience with the IFDC team is that they bring that extra special touch to everything they do in their exclusive partnership with us at TFW. This year, they are taking it to another level, and it’s been a remarkable experience for us!” said Claudio Azzolini, Director of Torino Fashion Week.

What: Torino Fashion Week: Modest Fashion Segment by Islamic Fashion and Design Council Italy

When: June 27th to July 3rd

Where: Borsa Valori Center, Torino, Italy

Designers can Submit at:

Media Inquiries:


Al Nisa Design (USA), TFW 2018

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