Designer Spotlight | Get to know the IFDC Pret-A-Cover™ Buyers Lane designers signed by Debenhams

By Afrah Baig

Giving a boost to the Modest Revolution, IFDC put Pret-A-CoverTM Buyers Lane (PACBL) on the map back in March 2018 with a grand and innovative 6 day “anti-fashion week”. This revolutionary fashion event featured the works of designers who incorporated modesty, class, elegance and edginess in their designs and models. PAC-BL got recognition from the press on a global level, especially from a lot of countries that still hadn’t yet gotten used to the idea that modesty could be a form of style and expression. Designers from all around the world showcased their interpretation of “modesty meets fashion,” bringing a hint of their own countries’ cultures to the show and giving attendees and buyers alike very interesting perspectives and diverse insights into the idea of modest fashion. 

Following the success and international acclaim of the event, Debenhams, The Avenues, Kuwait partnered with Pret-A-CoverTM Buyers Lane to continue the Modest Revolution in their stores and showcase IFDC’s global designers, giving them an amazing opportunity to connect with GCC retail consumers.  

Featuring catwalks, designer spotlights and lots of sales, the event resulted in Debenhams selecting IFDC PACBL designers Natasha Kamal and ZAW Fashion for ongoing placement. These designers boasted the highest grossing sales and are now ready to work with Debenhams on new, innovative and stimulating creations to meet the demands for modest apparels. 

The IFDC are delighted for all the designers showcased and for the two brands selected for ongoing placement.  It is a core mission of PAC-BL’s program to help designers take the next step in their evolution. 

Natasha Kamal 

Founded on 10th May 2014, Natasha Kamal’s brand NK held its debut at the Ejaz Gallery in Lahore, Pakistan. With a degree in Management and Accounting and a talent in fashion, Natasha established her own collection of ensembles which captured the elegance of the time-treasured classics but are modern, trendy and edgy at the same time. Her debut collection was her own interpretation of the classics in two different ways- one, classy statement designs without any kind of adornments and two, downplayed hues that were embellished with sequins, crystals, pearls and beads. Her collection for Debenhams was described as “bold tailored silhouettes, sumptuous fabrications and couture details.” She has gained a reputation for constantly delivering innovative and unique designs and never compromising the quality of her products. Each piece is handcrafted by skilful Pakistani artisans. She took her brand to the next level by winning an award at the Torino Fashion Week. 

ZAW Fashion 

Mahmoud Wahdan, Jr. Founder of ZAW Fashion, a Sweden- based company, comes from a long line of designers. His family business of men’s clothing named Wahdan Garments was started in the 40s in Egypt by his grandfather. Mahmoud along with two of his brothers started ZAW Fashion, a line of women’s clothing making modest ensembles their epicentre. They were inspired to start ZAW Fashion because of their sister, whose dressing sense is quite modest. In fact, in the beginning, she was the one who started creating designs for their modest wear line. ZAW Fashion has special collection called The Queen’s Wardrobe replicating the royal cultures of queens and princesses throughout history. These ensembles take you back in time reminding you about Roman princesses with long draping silks with gigantic majestic pockets or an African royalty with wide floral motif dresses having a loose bodice and huge, baggy sleeves or even an Egyptian queen with a long and silky blue dress. Currently, they are looking to expand their market in Europe and capture as many retail stores as they can. In the Middle-East, they are focusing on maximising their sales in Dubai. Their designs are not confined to only Muslim women, but to all the ladies out there who prefer to dress modestly. Mahmoud’s aim is to empower women and to make designs that serve every woman’s needs.  

IFDC’s collaboration with Debenhams is going to accelerate the careers of Natasha Kamal and ZAW Fashion. This step by Debenhams is a very potent one to build momentum in the world of modest fashion. These designers will now get to work closely with the Debenhams team and come up with new designs to meet the consumers’ ever-growing demand for modest wear. 

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