Debenhams Announces Designer Deals After Pret-A-CoverTM Buyers Lane – Debenhams Fashion Event in Kuwait

Debenhams begins selection process by confirming IFDC’s Pret-A-Cover TM Buyers Lane Designers Natasha Kamal and Mahmoud Wehbe’s ZAW Fashion


Joint IFDC and Debenhams Release: Oct 22, 2018

An exciting choice of new modest wear designer collections have successfully shown at Debenhams, The Avenues, thanks to a meaningful collaboration with Pret-A-CoverTM Buyers Lane (PACBL), the revolutionary modest fashion and design program from Islamic Fashion and Design Council (IFDC). After the event came to a close, Debenhams went into review and deliberation mode to finally  announce today that IFDC’s PACBL designers selected for ongoing placement are none other than Natasha Kamal and ZAW Fashion, to begin with.


The event was a rare opportunity for modest fashionistas to discover and buy collections from PACBL’s promising modest fashion designers, and enjoy a in-store modest fashion shows along with a chance to meet and greet the designers, influencers, press and more.


Great collections were unveiled at this event by global modest fashion designers including selectees ZAW Fashion and Natsaha Kamal as well as PhiCasa, Talabaya, Nasrin, and Whyte by Nishay, who are some of the talented designers who have had their careers catapulted onto the global stage by being chosen for the Pret-A-CoverTM Buyers Lane program by the IFDC selection committee. Debenhams was delighted to recognize and showcase these talented designers and introduce them to their clientele for the first time.


“We’re excited by our partnership with Pret-A-CoverTM Buyers Lane (PACBL) which supports modest fashion & design talent globally. Since the opening of our flagship Debenhams store at The Avenues, Kuwait earlier this year, we have seen great demand for modest wear brands and are delighted we were able to bring this exclusive offer to our customers resulting in ongoing in store placement deals which will begin with ZAW Fashion and Natasha Kamal”, said Mark Ashman, Vice President of Debenhams Middle East. The selected designers boasted the highest grossing sales during the Pret-A-CoverTM Buyers Lane event in Debenhams. Now they will go on to work more closely with the Debenhams team in producing ongoing collections that will continue to meet the modest consumer demands in the region.


Modest apparel brands are a fast growing fashion segment in the Middle East. The modest fashion movement has evolved over time as women look for day-to-day fashion inspiration, which meets their amazing fashion sense, whilst not compromising on their modesty requirements.


“Debenhams took remarkable steps in the vast world of modest fashion. It continues to be a pleasure collaborating with them on an idea that is taking support for the modest fashion industry players to a new level. It also further quenches the ongoing thirst of the modest consumer for more selections. Our collaboration with Debenhams is an honor, we are now excited to see the careers of the selected designers build momentum with their selection for ongoing placement at Debenhams”, said Alia Khan, Chairwoman of Islamic Fashion and Design Council.


Breaking away from the traditional industry formula, IFDC’s Pret-A-CoverTM  Buyers Lane focuses on the business development of its participants through in-store placements and unique arrangements with retailers and strategic market positioning. These partnerships create joint opportunities to connect with a highly coveted consumer group, the modest fashion shopper.


About the selected designers for the Pret-A-CoverTM  Buyers Lane event at Debenhams:


Natasha Kamal

Stylish statement pieces in understated hues create the collections foundation, but a peppering of crystals and pearls, classic meets contemporary shapes, detailed hand embroidery accentuate the pieces. It’s a bold collection with tailored silhouettes, sumptuous fabrications and couture details.


Phi Casa

Inspired by art, beauty and history, Phi Casa is a small design house in Cape Town, South Africa, that creates beautifully crafted, luxury ready to wear garments, for all women who appreciate the modest element to their aesthetic.



TALABAYA represents a marriage of the European and Middle Eastern fashion and highlights a collection that combine sleek elegance and luxury materials with due attention to details.


Whyte by Nishay

Whyte is an upscale brand designed to bring chic minimalism to modern fashion. Whyte is also an ethical humanitarian brand, which dedicates 15% of its profit to charity to help support women empowerment in parts of Pakistan.


ZAW Fashion

Mahmoud Wahdan Jr. Founder of ZAW, took the plunge and decided to carve his niche in the world of women’s fashion, creating garments that leave a long-lasting impression and make women feel powerful. This led to the birth of ZAW, a rising star in modest fashion.



Designer Nasrin Ijaz’s collection is designed for the modest dynamic women of today, especially here in the West; those who want to take part in every aspect of life including sports. It is a combination of sustainability, glamour and modesty.

Of these, ZAW Fashion and Natasha Kamal will begin with ongoing placement to continue catering to the modest fashionistas in the region.

Other brands in the spotlight from IFDC’s Pret-A-CoverTM Buyers Lane include The Modist, Astel, Isabella Caposano, Blue Meets Blue, Under-Râpt, The Hijab Lee, Kopenhagen Fur, Al Nisa, Aristocrat Kids, Anita Sondore, The Room, Minnow Zola, Sawour, Mix Furs, Moretosee, Bianco Mimosa, Holik Gloves, Araida, and the brands of Fashion Valet. With the support of leading interior designers Burgundy & Zoq and exciting new art initiative of Artist Playground by Pullman Hotels, the PACBL offering always stays fresh and exciting. Among the leading supporters of positive change for the PACBL designers is SILVERbac, creators of an antimicrobial technology that incorporates directly into the fibres of the fabric to eliminate odours and bacteria for the life of the garments, particularly useful for hijabs, abayas and thawbs – and now creating exciting new opportunities for modest fashion players!


IFDC’s Pret-A-CoverTM Buyers Lane launch event in Dubai earlier this year was supported by Dubai Islamic Economy Development Centre who is leading the global Islamic ecomony to new horizons.


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IFDC’s Pret-A-CoverTM Buyers Lane – Debenhams Store Window with designers confirmed by Debenhams, Zaw Fashion and Natasha Kamal


Modest Revolution

Pret-A-Cover TM Buyers Lane Designer, Mahmoud Wehbeof Zaw Fashion confirmed by Debenhams


Pret-A-CoverTM Buyers Lane Zaw Fashion Display


Pret-A-Cover TM Buyers Lane Designer, Zaw Fashion a Debenhams Shopper favourite



Pret-A-Cover TM Buyers Lane Designer, 
Natasha Kamal confirmed by Debenhams


Pret-A-CoverTM Buyers Lane Designer Natasha Kamal Floor Display


Pret-A-Cover TM Buyers Lane Designer Natasha Kamal Display in Debenhams


Pret-A-Cover TM Buyers Lane Designer, Natasha Kamal greets fans


Behind the scenes at Debenhas with Pret-A-Cover TM Buyers Lane Designer, Natasha Kamal


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