IFDC supports educating and feeding children in underprivileged areas through a unique education and food program.

The objective is to implement and deliver free education by establishing or upgrading curricula in impoverished areas. Programs aimed at eradicating malnutrition in students and promote healthy living are established in various areas. The focus is to develop and deliver well-rounded curricula, with subjects including English, Math, Critical Thinking, the Arts and the Sciences.

We maximize the potential of our work with the global reach of the Internet by offering comprehensive teacher training and supplementary teaching programs via Skype. Delivery must be made as easy as possible. Part and parcel of the program is to continue to build on the nutritional food program in order to increase the child’s focus in class and improve health which has been a constant challenge in many areas.
We tie up with top educators to put together improved curricula. Teachers of underprivileged schools lack many useful skills; we train both on the ground and online. Materials are made easily accessible to them. Food packages are devised and delivered to their families through school distribution and within school lunch and snack plans. This has proven to increase student attendance in schools, in some cases 100% attendance has been reported as a result of our programs.
Our primary educator who designs the education material and curricula is Dr. Fawzia Tung. She is an education expert in a league of her own. Dr. Tung is committed to bringing every child an optimal 21st century education. Dr. Tung’s resources have prepared a framework through which the program has initiated teacher training to madrasas and schools in impoverished areas across Pakistan. In the current school year we are adding after school programs with highly effective methods recommended by Dr. Tung. The aim is to keep building on this work until a robust curriculum is made available everywhere for free.
Want to get involved? Email us at Office@IFDCouncil.org and let us know how you can contribute.