Creativity and Demand

whacky - IFDC It’s no secret that the hijab industry is a burgeoning business all around the globe. The social media explosion has empowered the small and medium businesses around the world and Malaysia is no exception. Throw in the E-commerce element and suddenly, the outburst in interest has empowered those businesses to reach out to territories all around the globe. Throw in the celebrities and ambassadors into the equation and suddenly, the hijab appeal is accentuating to brand new levels. In a report made on Bernama from Malaysia, 29-year-old Rabiah Wan Zulkifli acknowledges the increasing levels of competition. Is that a challenge to her business, Raudah Wide Shawl? Shallow entrepreneurs may feel the fear in face of competition but in reality, that increasing number of companies can only benefit the industry in a real positive way. Rabiah said: “I’m not bothered by the number of online hijab sellers these days, as it gives me an idea of what the buying trend is. “There are so many choices today that cater to so many differing tastes. Sellers now also upload online hijab tutorials to give potential buyers ideas on the many ways to style their hijab.” Rabiah is not the only one throwing her passion into this arena. “This is a business that teaches you a lot about managing time wisely and the importance of treating customers well”, said journalist Nur Shafawati Yup. Pricing, quality, customer service are the fundamentals behind this business and for the consumers, it is all about getting the best deals at not just for the best price, but to get the quality to boot. Source: Aquila Style

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