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After not being able to find an elegant and understated wedding dress with implemented Islamic dress code for my wedding, I started to think about designing a wedding dress for myself and also for other women. It took me some time to develop the idea and to do a detailed research on what was out there on the market and as I learned more, I realized that there is really a huge gap when it comes to Islamic bridal wear. And that’s how it all began. I started to meet with future brides, creating custom made wedding dresses. Everyone loved the idea, because I wasn’t the only one faced with that challenge of finding a perfect wedding dress that is in accordance with our religion and beautiful at the same time. I find myself to be very lucky to have the chance to meet many brides and to contribute to their special day the best way I can. That is how I decided to start a serious project. Tamara’s is the first online store worldwide that was established exclusively for designing, manufacturing and distributing elegant and understated wedding dresses for Muslim women. The main goal is to be globally recognizable as Muslim wedding dress brand and to be no. 1 choice of every future Muslim bride or a bride who simply prefers to dress modestly. In order to reach that prestigious position, Tamara’s operates solely with the highest quality fabrics, innovative designs and constructions and offers the highest level of service. The plan is to also offer a wide range of products that are substantial part of every wedding event, e.g. wedding cards, bridesmaid dresses, Muslim evening dresses, accessories, etc. Striving for a modest wedding look Wedding is a solemn and sacred social contract between two people. It is commonly known to be one of the most special moments for every woman which celebrates entering into a new phase of life usually fulfilled with hope, compassion, love, and understanding. Having a corresponding appearance on that special day, a perfectly fitted wedding dress, is fairly important. Wedding and marriage carry great significance in Islam and every Muslim woman or man strives for finding that special one. Bearing that in mind, it is most likely that every Muslim woman will get married at a certain point of life. Tamara’s goal is to be the first brand that every future Muslim bride thinks of when it comes to purchasing a perfect wedding dress for that special day and in order to reach that goal, we truly need your support. How it should all work After doing a detailed research on what was out there on the market, Tamara’s at last was established in 2013. In the same year debut collection was introduced to the public. The feedback was remarkably positive although only few designs from the collection had been presented. The idea was to create a visual platform that could be presented to the future supporters of Tamara’s. And the day has finally arrived: Tamara’s started to raise funds for developing a new line of wedding gowns (10 pieces). The plan is to have the line developed and available online ( until September 30th insha’Allah. How You Can Help Since formation of the Tamara’s was financed only with a limited personal budget, I am also looking for other ways of supporting the project. The main struggle I am facing at the moment (label promoting/marketing/further development) is mostly related to the finances, so the best ways to support the project would be: 1. Make a prayer for our success 2. Donations 3. Spreading the word through the social media tools above. May Allah help us all in our efforts. Be Friends With Us: More details:  

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