COMING SOON: The “Vogue” of Islamic Fashion

Islamic Fashion and Design Council is pleased to announce the highly anticipated Cover magazine. This new fashion and lifestyle magazine will launch it’s first issue in May 2016. Cover Magazine is positioned to be the “Vogue” of Islamic fashion – a vibrant and exciting publication which features inviting spreads on the latest in modest fashion, beauty, design, and everything to do with success in the modest lifestyle. Circulation is set to be worldwide, as the focus of the magazine is to be inclusive of all global regions. Readers will be able to access this magazine online through IFDC’s website and select global platforms. Readers can also engage on social media platforms and various communities as the magazine brings the spirit of unity and support to all stakeholders. ifdc                                 “This magazine is special for many reasons, but at the top of the list is the fact that each issue will be overseen by a different Editor In Chief” said Alia Khan, IFDC Chairwoman “The highly skilled Franka Soeria will be our first editor who will then select her successor. She will be working with a remarkably talented team that includes Roshan Isaacs, who is a senior expert in the fashion industry and a well known name to modest fashion and media. Roshan is likely to be another subsequent Editor in Chief of the magazine. Then there is Aydha Mehnaz who brings a special style and touch that only she can; and our own Ritza van Rensburg who brings to the table a valuable array of talents and expertise.” Khan concluded by saying that the rotating Editor in Chief idea will be a tradition that will continue in IFDC’s commitment to developing a cohesive industry where everyone not only can share in on the successes but also address the challenges together. Cover Magazine will give the global modest fashion market a strong resource which will prove to be valuable on many levels. Source of article:

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