CNN Money View: London Fashion Week Showcases Muslim Fashion

IFDC is proud to bring Dian Pelangi and Diajeng Lestari to CNN Money View today. Watch host Nina Dos Santos interview these ladies on their role in bringing Muslim fashion to London Fashion Week AW16. Thanks to Indonesian fashion ecommerce lead by Diajeng Lestari, that brought a spectacular showcase at London Fashion Week this past week. Dian Pelangi collaborated with London College of Fashion graduates Nelly Rose and Odette Steele showcased their international collaboration ‘Co-Identity.’ for AW16. We saw Dian’s traditional Indonesian techniques and garments with a modern printed colour palette from Nelly and African inspired embroidery from Odette, this dream team created a multi-national collection with a global appeal. “We wanted to create a collection that was traceable to all it’s different origins. There’s no exclusion in this collection, only inclusion.” said print designer, Nelly about their inspiration behind their collaboration. She added, “it was very hands on, working together. We wanted a community vibe, our talents worked best when we sat on the floor working together.” In the International Fashion Showcase section, HijUp presented the work of four designers – Zaskia Sungkar, Jehanara Nasution, Restu Anggraini, and Dian Pelangi under the theme of ‘Beauty and Creativity through the Elements of Life’: wind, light, water, and fire. Diajeng Lestari says of her inspiration for, “I want to make Muslim women feel proud of who they are – neither inferior, nor superior…just their ultimate self, with style and pleasing themselves.” CNN Money View is hosted by Nina Dos Santos, please check your local listings to catch today’s show on Muslim fashion. ifdc-logo

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