City Walk, Unifying Dubai’s Diversity

By Maryam Ismail

City Walk located between Al Wasl and Safa Roads in Jumeirah has transformed its exclusive location from suburban hang out for the well to do, to a trendy yet inviting atmosphere where everyone can take a stroll and enjoy the view.

There was a time where the highest aspiration that a woman could want was to be a Jumierah Jane. A rich house wife in a villa with servants at her beck and call but that is so last millennium. Prior to the influx of expats, Jumierah was traditional Emirati freej, neighbourhood, as portrayed in the animated series of the same name. Today the two communities and many new comers live side by side. And the place that they come together is Dubai’s City Walk.

City Walk is a mix of many locations at one place. If one wants both fashion and flash of Istanbul’s high street Bağdat Caddesi, it is there, if one needs a little art in their life, it can be found there too. But the best thing about it is, it a wide, walkable thoroughfare where one can enjoy the cooler climate or a warm evening breeze.  

More than just a shopping and entertainment venue, City Walk is a location where one can try out new brands and where budding entrepreneurs can take their chances and show their wares to the world.

For both locals and tourists, it’s one of the swankiest and most interesting places to hang out. City Walk plays host to the IFDC’s Pret A Cover Buyers Lane, the world’s first revolutionary Modest Fashion and Design Event from March 28th– April 2nd  this year.


Come and indulge your senses at this beautiful location. See you there.


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