Choosing the Perfect Color Scarf for your Skin Tone

Islamic Fashion and Design Council Thank you Melanie from Haute Hijab, we loved your tips! Every hijabi needs a no-fail solid hijab that’s perfect for her skin tone. Countless times I don’t have the right print or my outfit is just too busy and I need a solid hijab. Luckily, my hijab collection is stocked with no-fail solids that look great on my skin tone. Read on for tips according to your own beautiful skin tone and don’t forget to check out all our solid scarves and wraps under HH Essentials! LIGHT For those of you with light skin, the solid color that looks best on you will depend on whether you have pink or yellow undertones. As a general rule, white and black look great on lighter skin (although black could potentially be harsh on lighter skin if you have light features as well) and the colors you want to avoid are beiges, camels and taupes as they do nothing for you. Don’t be afraid to go bold! Bold and bright hues looks beautiful on light skin and if you have pink undertones, pastels will do wonders for you, but if you have yellow-ish undertones, they may wash you out. Do you look best in gold or silver jewelry? Silver denotes pink while gold denotes yellow undertones. Look great in both? Lucky you! You’ll look great in almost any solid! MEDIUM For ladies who have medium skin tone (like myself) some fail proof neutral options are ivory, beige, sand, taupe, light blush, olive green and camel. Camel complements my medium skin tone perfectly, bringing out the color and warm tones in my face, while the solid black does wonders for Nura and her light skin tone and dark features. As for solid colors rather than neutrals for medium skin tones, stick to bold, jewel tones like emerald, cobalt, royal purple, ruby red, bright pink, etc. Stay away from pastels – as they wash out medium skin tones. Our previous ‘It Girl’ Essra looks absolutely radiant in the HH Essentials Sapphire Jersey Wrap, don’t you think? DARK Depending on what shade of dark skin you have, I’d venture to say that dark skin is the most versatile of all skin tones. With the exception of a brown or mocha that literally blends in to your actual skin tone, I’d say you can pretty much work any solid color. Source:    

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