Celebrating Women’s Day: 5 Female artists you need to know

Featuring five thoughtful and creative women in the art world. Throughout time it has been difficult for women to break into the art world. However, these visionary creatives have broken stigmas and challenge stereotypes and are creating internationally acclaimed work, representing some of the most vibrant and beautiful artwork. They’ve taken over Ahlan Art and taking over interiors.

  1. Ameena Khan

Ameena Khan is a US based artist/ teacher who previously worked as an engineer creating technologies to remove toxic metals from drinking water. Ameena’s professional art career began back in 2012 when she followed her passion to sell and exhibit her artwork. Her work is described as diverse and cultural, capturing the sense of spirit. She plays with bright colours and abstract forms, balancing composition with careful application of mixed paint. Ameena is inspired by contemporary, political issues around her using art to express emotions, feelings, bringing to light real life stories and through the stroke of a brush exploring tensions between current situations.


2. Farrah Azam

Farrah Azam – a full time mother, born and raised in London, studied psychology and criminology at university. Her creative flare has grown over the years. Taking on henna design as a hobby, Farrah began by applying henna as a form of bodily art, before experimenting the same technique with canvas and now across a large number of mediums. Through this technique, Farrah brings to light and blends a form of eastern art and merges it with western culture. A middle-line where east meets west, old meets new, vintage meets contemporary. Her work reflects multiple themes: Islamic heritage, art of cultures, travel and architecture. Making artwork and homeware is a combination of craftmanship, practice and talent.



3, Maaida Noor

Maaida Noor: a British Pakistani artist takes a modern approach to traditional Arabic calligraphy. She plays with colour and form, balancing composition with detailed application of mixed paint. Maaida’s paintings carry deep, positive messages of peace and unity, breaking cultural boundaries with a universal language. Through her paintings she encourages each viewer with individualistic thoughts, exploring humanity. She has been featured in various publications including Emel Magazine, The Express Tribune, BBC Documentary and so on.


4, Ayesha gamiet

Ayesha Gamiet’s work is a reflection of interweaved cultures. Raised in South East England, she received her MA in tradition Islamic art. Since graduating, she spent many years studying and teaching art. Ayesha’s work stems from observations made in her surroundings, observations of cultures, arts, textures, shapes and . Her dedication to learn is recorded as paintings and undergo series of fine art projects. The emphasis of her work becomes thoroughly about, colour, details, balance, medley, culture and to inspire others.


5, Nadia bajwa

Nadia Bajwa, a London based designer dedicated to Islamic Art. Combining art and religion enables Nadia to produce smooth, intricate Artwork cut into different mediums. Her work has evolved over the past few years, having become deeply drawn to integrity and spreading positive thoughts. Nadia explores the balance between organic, geometric and symbolic forms. Exploring themes of positive hidden messages as she develops her own relationship with Islam and helps extend her knowledge of its rich culture.

Check out them out at www.ahlanart.com


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