Burgundy Design – That Added Touch of Luxury and Sophistication

By Madiha Ajaz

Founded by the dynamic duo Faiza Haider and Tasmeer Kamal, Burgundy Design is the one-stop shop for all your interior design whims. With an experience of over 10 years, Burgundy offers state of the art furniture along with excellence in designing spaces, aiming to add luxury to your home, be it a modern city apartment or a lavish beachside villa. Once you walk into the Burgundy showroom situated at Jumeirah, the handcrafted furniture will surely take your breath away. The showroom itself gives an ethereal look from the outside, and makes one feel like your stepping into a world of wonder and awe. Every item showcased, from carpets to lights and accessories, is an exclusive piece of art. Even their simplest accessory such as a table lamp, is the epitomy of glamour and style.

Burgundy primarily designs residential units, but also caters to commercial offices. They add their touch of glitz to bridal suites and other such spaces. Having a variation of style to the range on offer, Burgundy never compromises on quality. Most of the designs and furnishings are a fusion of traditional fusing with modern, with a hint of antique added to the mix. They furnish according to the unique individual taste of each client, ensuring your space has your personal touch.

Attracted to the uniqueness of Islamic Fashion & Design Council (IFDC), Burgundy wanted to give a luxurious effect to the event. And there is no doubt that you will be awestruck by their work.

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