British Artists and Islamic Art

By Huma Fiaz Butt

As we dive into Islamic represented art, we take a look at a few British artists who are making a statement representing their faith, beliefs and passions. Not only are these artists bringing masses of attention to Islamic art, but they are connecting to others, building a platform and shining a light on Islamic values through art and design.

  1. Mohammed Ali aka Aerosol Arabic 

A street artist, muralist and producer. Mohammed Ali is an artist, educator and curator born and raised in the UK. Not only is he best known for his passion for street art but also for the Islamic script and geometric designs that speak to the people of faith. 

Mohammed Ali has been blending his passion for street art and Islamic script patterns for the past 10 years, combining meaningful messages that can connect with people of faith in different cities across the globe. His work has toured from Australia, Canada, and Malaysia to South Africa.

  2. Razwan ul Haq

Razwan Ul-Haq is an artist that uses classical Arabic calligraphy techniques to create contemporary art pieces. His work is influenced and embodies the minimalist tradition in Islamic art. 

Razwan Ul-Haq’s work has been featured in national press including The Times, BBC, Channel 4 as well as international press. 

When the ‘Tour de France’ came to England in 2014, Razwan was commissioned to create Arabic land art. His installation was the morphing of an Arabic word “Al-Asr” watched by millions of viewers on television.

  3. Samir Malik

Samir Malik is an artist, calligrapher, designer, photographer and coach. He has been actively sculpting his own brand of art for over the last 35 years. Having studied Islamic calligraphy in University, Samir has been honing in on his unique approach to art ever since.

He is acknowledged as one of the pioneers to revive Islamic calligraphy in the UK. Samor creates calligraphies to touch, move and inspire. His work has been collected as part of the UK national collections.

  4. Hannah Habibi Hopkin

Hannah is an artist and designer with an accessible style and focuses on interculturalism. Known best for her bright and playful images, her artwork never fails to turn heads as there is always a deeper message waiting to be found.

Recognised as both “timely” by The Evening Standard and “thought-provoking” by The Times, Hannahs work will most definitely make you look and will most certainly also make you think.

  5. Maryam Wahid 

Maryam Wahid, a British – Pakistani photographer whose work has been deeply influenced by her fascination with cultural cognition and religious ideologies.

Being born and raised in the UK, Wahid has been not only able to explore her heritage and culture through her family photo albums but also her academic background in art, photography and religious studies. 

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