IFDC’s Business of Modest Fashion and Design™ event is an event unlike any other. This is not a fashion week, but a place where we expect serious business to take place. The global exposure expected at this event will bring the participant’s value to a new level. The consumers and industry players’ presence will allow you to increase sales, learn, gain professional advantage, explore partnerships, and develop personally through the workshops, lectures, and thought leaders present.

Your voice can also be heard through many platforms where views and opinions on different branches of fashion and design will be shared. This event will bring to you everything you could possibly hope to see in both areas: modest fashion and arts. From leading and budding designers, artists, architects, gadgets gurus, thought leaders, media, influencers, consumers, change makers, retailers, manufacturers, the common man with a voice, and more. For the first time, the full picture of the modest fashion and design industry will be presented in ways never seen before.