The Dome of the Rock combines incomparable beauty with supreme spiritual significance. It is a must to study its history in order to understand why it holds such a high rank among other Islamic landmarks. -Why It’s Historically Stirring It is enough to say that this shrine houses the rock on which our Prophet Muhammad PBUH ascended to Heaven on the night of Israa and Mi’raj. Images shows the location of the Rock in the past -Who are the masterminds behind this remarkable construction? The two architects in charge of … Continue Reading »

Are you one of those people who lazily crumple-up on your sofa when it’s too tough to get things done? Or are you able to wisely find a shortcut and take one innovative step that does the entire job? Bill Gates once said, “I choose a lazy person to do a hard-job because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it”. And this may be why this woman who regards herself as an impatient person, chose to do the hard job of introducing the first fashion search … Continue Reading »

An inspiring visual artist, 36-year old Noor Al-Mosawi captures the beauty and elegance of Muslim women in everyday life. Amidst being a Toronto-based wedding photographer, Noor uses unique ways to present her visual storytelling. “The themes I explore in my work vary, but capturing beauty in the everyday is one that I would say has been constant for several years now.” Mosawi said. Noor incorporates various colored smoke bombs as the model holds an umbrella, Mason jar, or pot. Smoke is wafted in the air like a genie out of … Continue Reading »

Marc Jacobs Ready-To-Wear 2018 spring collection kicks off on the runway during New York Fashion Week this month. It offered a variety of fashion styles. What was interesting is that along with the retro style looks, vibrant colors and that long Egyptian winged eyeliner, his runway models were wearing hijab-like wraps. Each head covering was distinctive to match the outfit, it was nothing but exaggerated yet fabulous. Ayana Ife, the first hijabi designer to be on the show ‘Project Runway’, posted on Instagram tagging Marc Jacobs and commented: “Your hijabs … Continue Reading »

Awarded by International Research Centre for Islamic History, Culture and Art (IRCICA) the icazetname or The Authoritative Islamic Calligraphy Licence in 2005, Soraya is one of the first Europeans to achieve this. She never stops exploring, no wonder she bagged it! This talented calligrapher was born and raised in London. She is of mixed Pakistani-French origins. She is married to Mukhtar Sanders; together they made it big with the launch of free smartphone app ‘Nuqta’ which bought together the Arabic calligraphy and typography. Their vision was to make their brain-child … Continue Reading »

  Ayesha Ahmad, 28, represents her appreciation and love for the verses of the Quran in the most beautiful way. She likes to focus all her positive energy into her calligraphy which has become a form of therapy for her. Modern, colorful and simply breathtaking!           When did you first get started?  I officially got started around 2013, but my initial interest started after being exposed to it from a young age. I attended an Islamic school and I was around the Arabic language a lot, … Continue Reading »