“ The one person I would have loved to meet would have been the greatest Muhammed Ali. Because he wasn’t lazy in life and he never gave up. His life values always inspired me.”  1. The first thing I do in the morning is to thank God for the new day and then check my Phone and notifications. 2. I would never leave home without My Phone – because everything I need is on it 3. My must have clothing item is a white shirt for suits to dress classy or … Continue Reading »

Do you see the sudden advent of a pastel pink in the market these days? From clothes, shoes to accessories the shops are flooding with millennial pink these days. What is millennial pink, you ask? It’s not just one particular color. It incudes a range of Pantone shades from Rose Quartz and Pale Dogwood to Candy Pink. To put it simply, it is a pink with the blue taken out, which gives the hint of beige and peach. Why is this Millennial Pink ruling the fashion markets these days? Pastel … Continue Reading »

Collaborations and acquisitions are key to disruption for the luxury sector. Modest fashion stakeholders can learn a lot from the recent activities by major players. For those seasoned modest fashion labels, envisioning such collaborative possibilities may be in the near future. Michael Kors, a luxury handbag brand, agreed to acquire Jimmy Choo, a luxury shoe brand, for £896 million (around $1.2 billion) last month. This would be a case study on how consumers habits led to such an acquisition. This latest acquisition in the luxury sector took place as the … Continue Reading »

The Islamic Fashion & Design Council announced on August 7 that it will helm a modest fashion and design event in Dubai later this year. Pret-A-Cover Buyers Lane will feature modest-wear designers, artists and lifestyle brands from around the world, in a bid to satisfy the requirements of a market estimated to wield a spending power of nearly US$400 billion (Dh1.5 trillion). While the date and venue are yet to be announced, the chairwoman of IFDC, Alia Khan, says: “We’ve been working toward disruptive solutions to the Fashion Week model. … Continue Reading »

The 60’s Mod’s Fashion trend has taken over this summer again with the Gingham prints. It is a unique style to carry for all those who love to stand out of the box. This print is every where, the checks are on clothes, bags and even on footwear. To freshen up your spring-summer wardrobe Gingham is the best choice. It is a fun and casual print, best to pair with solid colors. Gingham is timeless, It’s just a fresher look of the classic pattern. The fit-and-flare dress in gingham is … Continue Reading »

Pret-A-Cover™ Buyers Lane, a revolutionary modest fashion and design global market event featuring designers, artists, and lifestyle from around the world is set to launch in Dubai, 2017. The date and venue will be disclosed in a formal announcement to be released soon. With innovative solutions, Pret-A-Cover™ Buyers Lane is designed to be unlike any other modest fashion and design event to date. “Without giving away too much just yet, I can tell you that we’ve been working toward disruptive solutions to the Fashion Week model, which increasingly presents challenges … Continue Reading »