Bella Kareema-Dilyara Sadrieva look back into Russia’s Muslim Past

By Maryam Ismail

Dilyara Sadrieva is the creator of the stunning designs for the Bella Kareema modest fashion brand. Her styles are a step away from tight bosomed princess seamed bodices that dominate modest fashion dresses, not to mention the boxy, shapeless oversized tops.  Instead Sadrieva draws inspiration from the rich and colorful tapestry of the Russia’s Muslim heritage-Crimean, Tartar, Kazak, Chechen, and others. From Osmanli Lale to rich intricate baroque roses and just to throw you off, a little plaid and art nouveau prints, her designs have an earthy feel. They whisper: “You have been here before, you know me.”

Her latest collection, Mountain Lady for Rezeda Suleyman, is a striking set of long vest coats, velvet ankle-length dresses,  and woven knits, reminiscent  of love story of Imam Shamil and his wife Shaunet, retold in Leila Aboulela’s latest novel, The Kindness of Enemies; one of  love, commitment and faith, in the most trying of time.

Besides being a designer and innovator in theworld of modest fashion, Sadrieva is also the face of Islamic Fashion Design Council in Russia. The aim is to introduce modest fashion and Muslim lifestyle to Russia. In doing so, she hopes to erase discrimination against Muslims. Yet, Muslims in what was formerly the Soviet Union (Russia), go back to the 10th century muhadith and scholar Imam Bukhari who is from the former Russian republic of Uzbekistan.

Social change is a big job and Dilyara Sadrieva, through her stunning designs and efforts is on her path to remind Russia of its Muslim heritage.

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