Belgium’s High Fashion Hijabs Hit The High Street

Noor-DIzar winter hijab Noor D’Izar – a Belgian label started in 2009 by two savvy Belgian women that have turned the hijab into a fashion accessory for all women: Muslim or non-Muslim. What a brilliant idea… to bring the hijab to the high street in a new light and dispel some of the headscarf hullabaloo. According to CNN, Noor D’Izar sells its designs from Paris to Dubai, even appearing at this year’s Paris Fashion Week where the high-fashion headscarves got everyone talking. Hijabs for Her, Wherever She Hails from Founders Fatima Rafiy and Inge Rombouts are a Muslim and Non-Muslim duo and aim their versatile, practical, and stylish designs at ladies like themselves. “I would love for two women, Muslim and non-Muslim, to look at our website and think they can both wear the scarves,” Rombouts told CNN. Orders from non-Muslims have been steadily rising. Around 10 percent come from non-Muslims. As they launch their new winter collection, Rombouts and Rafiy anticipate their fan base will continue to grow – insisting, “It’s not about politics. It’s about fashion.” It’s a Wrap! Most of the headscarves are made of T-shirt-style material and come with built-in headbands so they don’t require pins or complicated wrapping, and can be put on or removed effortlessly. “I think the European women that have bought it like the practical side of it,” said Rombouts. “I wear it ’cause it’s just fun.” Noor D’Izar may have its work cut out in Belgium, where many schools and offices have banned the Hijab, which makes wearing one by choice quite controversial. “The wearing of the veil doesn’t have to be controversial,” Aziz Saliha, who stocks Noor D’Izar products in her Brussels clothing store, told CNN. “The debate around the veil is much politicized and it’s just clothes, so that’s what we want to do, bring the headscarf back into the fashion world where it belongs,” She said. Source:

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