Be daring in Bright Socks!

Since I can remember men have always stuck to a very strict set of rules when it came to fashion. Your belt should match your socks and your socks should match your trousers. This is a classic rule of thumb for those who like to keep it professional and play it safe, but for the fashionable man – these rules are made to be broken! Socks 4 Men are being creative and playful with what they are wearing nowadays and they grab your attention with a pop of color when you least expect it. Socks are an easy way to elevate your look into something more modern and if you are confident enough to try it, here are a few pointers to keep in mind when you are daring to be different. Socks 3 Try to co-ordinate your outfit with your socks – if the prints, colors and patterns clash too much – it might look like you were trying too hard, so make sure it matches with the rest of your look in some way. Don’t go all “matchy-matchy” – even though you should co-ordinate your socks with your look, don’t go overboard and have socks that are exactly the same color as your pants and shirt (this can look like you are going to a dress up party.) Socks 2 Choose wisely when wearing bright socks – an important business meeting or a job interview might not be the best time to try and be creative and it can come across as if you are not serious about the position so be mindful when you wear something like this. Socks 1 Lastly, just have fun with it! Menswear does not have to be boring and nowadays there’s so many ways to make you a more fashionable man – so why not start with something as small as a pair of socks! Elrico Bellingan

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