Ayesha Gamiet

Ayesha’s interest in manuscript illumination (tezhib in Turkish) highlights the beauty of the traditional Turkish art. She draws inspiration from traditional art combined with the beauty of nature. Ayesha uses direct observation as a source of imagery for her work. She admires positivity and harmony as evidenced by her play of colour, form and texture.

Ayesha was born in London and raised in South East England. Living amongst the midst of different cultures, she integrates this positively in her paintings. Ayesha received her MA in traditional and Islamic art at the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts (PSTA). She went on to study PGCE and MEd in Art education from the university of Cambridge. Since graduating Ayesha returned to Cambridge University to teach Islamic art to PGCE art teachers.

Ayesha continues to grow with education, not only to learn but also to teach and inspire others. She was involved in the PTSA’S outreach program, teaching workshops in the Middle East as well as the UK. From miniature painting to illustrations, Ayesha manifests her attention to detail and her dedication to learning. Having recently created her own paint from natural pigments (including gold leaf, red and yellow ochres and sienna) and stained her papers with natural dyes (pomegranate skin or chestnut) she aspires to undertake and explore more traditional methods and materials.

Each intricate detail in Ayesha’s painting is infused with dedication that inspires many in different ways to learn to teach and to find peace.

View more of Ayesha’s work on www.ahlanart.com


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