Aydha Mehnaz Joins IFDC Global Development

Aydha Mehnaz is a trained creative expert and a recognized leading young visionary representing the Asian modest fashion market. She is a marketing executive, who specializes in creating and promoting innovative initiatives for all genres of fashion. Also being a professional stylist, Aydha’s work has been covered on several platforms including Aquila Style magazine and her own blog “Minazification”. Aydha is a pioneer in the business and has been sharing her fashion tips, inspiration and interviews with key industry players in the global modest fashion industry for several years alongside her business initiatives. ifdc                                               Aydha continues to be affiliated with one of the largest retail establishments in Bangladesh at a company of 14000+ employees. She is no stranger to challenges and prides herself in her ability to take on unique tasks that will take the modest fashion industry, something she has full passion for, to a new level. With this drive she joins the Islamic Fashion and Design Council (IFDC) in the global development department where she will head up new strategies that will allow her to use her unique skills and experience to benefit the industry players and consumers at the same time. Aydha is focused on uniting the talent of modest fashion globally and she hopes to fulfill this vision through her role at IFDC.

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