Showcasing emerging talent from around the world, Fashion Scout’s Ones to Watch is a must-see for fashion’s insiders. This season saw Fengyi Tan, Edda, and Diane Pelangi x Nelly Rose x Odette Steele exhibit their highly anticipated AW16 collections. Opening the show London and Shangai based Fengyi Tan presented a collection inspired by the interaction of space, the body and movement. With lux elastic fabrics in a cobalt blue and black palette, slim fitting dresses were decorated with geometric cut outs. High necks featured throughout the collection, contrasting with daring slits and skin baring backless dresses. Fengyi Tan featured an interesting use of texture with velvet trousers, soft gauzy bodysuits and a standout faux leather scarf with glove detailing. Ones+to+watch_Catwalk_Angharad+Thomas_0006 Ones+to+watch_Catwalk_Angharad+Thomas_0005 Ones+to+watch_Catwalk_Angharad+Thomas_0002 Ones+to+watch_Catwalk_Angharad+Thomas_0001                                        

Next up, womenswear graduates from LCF, Edda, presented a beautifully digitally printed collection. Her sketches drawn with her non-dominant hand gave a childlike aesthetic. Her simple garments, paired with oversized accessories in a monochrome were a charming addition to the naivety of her collection. ifdcOnes+to+watch_Catwalk_Angharad+Thomas_0013Ones+to+watch_Catwalk_Angharad+Thomas_0015Ones+to+watch_Catwalk_Angharad+Thomas_0016

                                      Finally, Dian Pelangi x Nelly Rose x Odette Steele showcased their international collaboration ‘Co-Identity.’ LCF Textile graduates, Odette and Nelly partnered with Indonesian designer Dian Pelangi for AW16. Combining Dian’s traditional Indonesian techniques and garments with a modern printed colour palette from Nelly and African inspired embroidery from Odette, they created a multi-national collection that can be worn by women all over the world. Print designer, Nelly spoke about the inspiration behind their collaboration, ‘we wanted to create a collection that was traceable to all it’s different origins. There’s no exclusion in this collection, only inclusion.’ ifdc Ones+to+watch_Catwalk_Angharad+Thomas_0019 Ones+to+watch_Catwalk_Angharad+Thomas_0023 Ones+to+watch_Catwalk_Angharad+Thomas_0024                           Speaking about their collaborative project, Nelly said, ‘it was very hands on, working together. We wanted a community vibe, our talents worked best when we were all sat on the floor working together.’ An eclectic mix of talented designers from all over the world, this year’s One to Watch was a perfect example of how Fashion Scout unites some of the world’s best young talents. Source of article:

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