Athleisure Takes a Modest Twist

By Hana Bushnaq

If you live in the 21st century, you probably know that athleisure is a trend not to be ignored in today’s fashion world. Taking workout gear to the streets is not only considered normal, but rather a staple of a modern, active lifestyle. With the high focus on comfort, practicality and movement, is the added concern of making this clothing ‘cool’ enough, all the way to fashionable enough, meaning showcasing all the trends that are available in the fashion scene right now. Enter Under-Râpt; the first global, sustainable and modest sports and loungewear brand. It caters to the modern, modest international woman. It is a brand that understands that modernity and modesty are not an oxymoron.

Founded by British born, English/Egyptian Yasmin Sobeih, the brand found its niche in providing all of the above to the modest woman, since quality athleisure isn’t easy to find for this active, health conscious fashionista. Clothes that can take a woman from gym to street, without compromising on modesty are hard to come by, and we have all seen women change into something with a more relaxed silhouette. In fact, Under-Rapt’s initial inspiration came from brands such as Yeezy, Fenty and Vetements that feature oversized designs. This comes to challenge the notion that fluid clothing is unfeminine. The brand takes pride in using ecologically friendly, soft and breathable fabrics sourced and engineered in Austria. Indeed, it is very fitting that the founder of this brand is of a hybrid identity, since Under-Râpt addresses the international citizen. It is also very suitable that Yasmin is a well-traveled, health conscious twenty something who understands today’s modern society. Her passion for fashion and working out, combined with her experience as a fashion buyer, make her quite a match for this market.

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