Aston Martin and Leading Brands Bring VIP Clients to PRET-A-COVER™ Buyers Lane

Opportunities to build an enviable client book at the revolutionary Pret-A-Cover ™ Buyers Lane are abundant for participating designers, artists, and brands!

The ever-famous British sports car brand Aston Martin is now officially partnered with IFDC’s Pret-A-Cover ™ Buyers Lane where they will showcase their exciting 2018 model targeted at women drivers! Along with many leading global brands, Aston Martin will also use this opportunity to invite their VIP clientele list to exclusive shopping experiences and private designer and artist show viewings at the event. Pret-A-Cover ™ Buyers Lane’s VIP shopping and experience programs are designed to deliver a unique opportunity for high profile global consumers to discover great designers and artists through the event.

Luxury car enthusiasts eagerly anticipate Aston Martin’s latest DB11 model targeted towards attracting millennials, specifically women and young female drivers.

Pret-A-Cover ™ Buyers Lane is one of a kind global modest fashion and design market event, it will feature modest fashion designers and artists from around the globe that will offer an unforgettable display of creativity, style, and elegance in fashion, lifestyle, arts & design; everything that Aston Martin is known for. “As we started producing this incredible opportunity for buyers and industry players, we saw a natural fit with Aston Martin as a partner because their quality, brand and overall excellence mirrors precisely what the event represents”, said Alia Khan, Chairwoman of IFDC.

Aston Martin has created many world records within its history, from being the iconic James Bond car, to being the most expensive British car ever sold at an auction. Their cars have proven to truly stand out because of their ability to subtly attract the finest with an application of bold dynamic designs, that are timeless, in ways only Aston Martin can achieve.

Pret-A-Cover ™ Buyers Lane VIP shopping program, backed by several high end companies, is an effective b2c way for participating designers and artists to build their clientele through the event. This along with b2b strategies gives participants a complete approach to business success. The full list of brands, artists, and companies participating in the event will be released on the IFDC website soon. Pret-A-Cover ™ Buyers Lane is about breaking the norm of regular fashion and art weeks, revolutionizing the way the industry operates in order to optimize business success for all participants. As Aston Martin is a huge advocate of innovative thinking, emotional change, and revolutionary designs, this partnership is perfect. This event is meant to turn heads and highlight what modest fashion and lifestyle really is when it comes to progressive and forward thinking whilst embracing values that ensure class and respect.

“Our cars are stylish yet well built. The car we plan to showcase at Pret-A-Cover ™ Buyers Lane is a fashion statement within itself. Elegant. Beautiful. Powerful. And classy, just as Pret-A-Cover ™ Buyers Lane event entails. We are excited about this partnership and look forward to exploring more opportunities with IFDC in this global market space”, said Roy Ghastine Marketing Manager Aston Martin UAE.

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