Artist Playground – Finally Modest Fashion gets a Playground to Play


By Hana Bushnaq, Nawshaba Ahmed


Artist Playground -conceptualized by the Pullman Hotels- is a unique and path breaking foray in the field of creativity. Local artists and designers can exhibit their work to guests, visitors and locals alike in different parts of the Pullman hotels all over the world. The dedicated art corners installed in the hotels show Pullman’s commitment towards promoting art and creating awareness. Each “Artist Playground” project is destined to create excitement and curiosity among the patrons and consumers. In partnership with IFDC, Pullman will launch its Artist Playground galleries concept. This move will promote up and coming designers by showcasing their talent and designs in three-month long curated shows that will be staged in hotel lobbies across the brand’s global network.  


“Artist Playground” aspires to promote cultural and global fashion together so that visitors can explore fashion and discover that though modest, the scope of fashion can be endless. Pullman has not only provided a place/playground for the designers but has also nurtured it in its bid to show its overwhelming support to IDFC first revolutionary Fashion Design Event Pret-A-Cover™ Buyers Lane. This is the perfect set up for designers and artists to showcase their creations and also for the buyers to choose from the multitude of displays. So, buckle up and get ready to play with fashion starting March 28th, 2018.   


Following are the amazing artists who will be featured by Artist Playground at IFDC’s Pret-A-Cover™ Buyers Lane! 


Shabir Mir 

Shabir lives and works in Dubai. He has a degree in Graphic Design from NCA and a passion for adapting innovative art forms. His long-held fascination for calligraphy and sculpture led him to explore how these two contrasting art forms can be experienced in combination. 

Shabir has experimented with manipulating hard metals into delicate curves of words in order to capture the intrinsic beauty and essence of calligraphy within the heavy medium of metal. 


Mustafa Ali 

One of the most prominent sculptors of the Middle East, Mustafa Ali exhibits his work in Jordan, Geneva, Lebanon, Washington and Dubai. Born and raised in Lattakia, Syria, he draws from this early upbringing to produce sculptures that are highly influenced by old Syrian mythology. There are also some Italian influences in his work. All this paved the way for his work to be graceful, simple and evocative all at once.  


Khaled Saai 


Khaled Al Saai is a driving force behind modern Arabic calligraphic practice and a passionate advocate of a wider understanding of this formidable art. Art houses, museums, universities, collectors and fellow calligraphists alike recognize his positioning in this genre and have awarded him the title Master of Calligraphy. His fascination with the written word started at an early age, growing up in Syria in an artistic family be it poetic, musical, visual or even edible art! His work is a reflection of childhood themes such as freedom and discovery, evolving to reflect issues facing the world. 


Jamal Abdul Raheem  


Born in Bahrain and originally a fisherman, Jamal Abdul Rahim has stacked up an impressive portfolio of exhibitions in Norway, Spain, Slovenia and Japan to name a few. Jamal always knew he was an artist and has journeyed -untutored- into the art world. This has given him a vast freedom beyond the boundaries of conventional production. He was first enticed by printmaking and also became a fine painter and draftsman, most recently venturing into the realm of 3D. 


Batool Al Jafri  


Dubai based Pakistani artist Batool Jafri is among a few artists who has the gift to create the most visually stunning master pieces representing the multi-faceted nature of womanhood.   

Using intricately patterned abstract figures in acrylic on canvas, and a variety of techniques, she highlights the myriad roles a woman plays in her life. Sometimes she uses bold and dark colors in her art to evoke strong feelings, others it’s just black and white for simplicity. Her art will necessitate a change of people’s perspective about Muslim women, thus revolutionizing the term “Modest Woman”. It proves that a veiled woman’s beauty shines through her diverse roles, personality traits, dreams, passions and ideologies. 


Bint Aslan 


Born in Caucasus, Russia to a Muslim family, Albina is a member of the Abaza ethnic group. She moved to Moscow to study World Politics. Her interest in the Middle East has spurred her to pursue a degree at the department of Regional Problems specialized in the Middle East. She has also received an art education and a previous university degree in Arabic Language. She feels that her inspiration comes from a deep feeling of ‘knowing what she has to say’. With Arabic being the language of the Quran, she feels that she always knows what to say. Her art rotates around the Arabic language and calligraphy.  


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