Aristocrat Kids – Step into the Fairytale

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By Hana Bushnaq


Little girls in breathtaking silk dresses, complete with frills, bows and ribbons. Be it dreamy pastels or beautiful sharply contrasting black and white chic, complete with feathered hats and cinched waistlines, the looks are sure to dazzle. Simply looking at the pieces feels like stepping foot into a fairy tale. It is indeed a royal kingdom at Aristocrat Kids, with royal atelier, exclusive materials, custom made prints and hand embroidery. The bespoke quality of the items ensures their longevity, which is one of the main pillars of brand philosophy. This creates a sense of timelessness for the items as they get passed on to little sisters and next generations, also facilitated by excellent after sales customer service. The brand’s main value is to unite quality and comfort with an aristocratic image. Their unique stylistic identity makes them the go to brand for festivities such as red-carpet events, weddings and religious ceremonies. They have been featured frequently in Harper’s Bazaar Junior, Vogue, Vogue Bambini and L’Officiel to name a few. They also have a strong social media presence.  

 The brand is actually based on a fairy tale, each collection being a new chapter. The inspiration behind this was the birth of designer Dace Zvirbule’s first daughter, Alexandra. This was back in 2007, when the Riga, Latvia based designer quit her flourishing marketing career to dedicate herself fully to childrens wear. This took its final shape with the birth of her second daughter, when she created a luxury handmade designer collection for girls aged 9 months-12 years. The materials used are only highest quality cotton, silk, wool and cashmere. These are then treated to exclusive hand painted prints and special semi-precious stone or crystal bead embroidery. Aristocrat kids is not just a posh line of fancy clothing for rich kids, it is an act of preserving rich cultural heritage and artisan work. If the result of such work is a fairy tale coming to life, then why not?   


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