Announcing Shereen Malherbe as Managing Director of IFDC HQ

Shereen Malherbe is a British/Palestinian writer, author & speaker that recently joined the IFDC team as the Managing Director of IFDC HQ. In her role as Managing Director of IFDC HQ, Shereen will support the Chairwoman & IFDC committee in order to reach their vision for the future of IFDC. “I will be overseeing exciting new initiatives that we have in store for 2016/2017. In addition, I will be supporting the great work the IFDC global team do to ensure we build on IFDC’s vision for a united industry and further cement IFDC as the leading platform in modest fashion worldwide.” Shereen Malherbe Shereen writes and speaks on behalf of multiple publications including the Middle East Eye, various non-profit organizations and Muslimah Media Watch; Shereen is also a member of The Media Diversified Experts Directory resulting from her experience in live & pre-recorded televised appearances. Her TV appearances showcase her work in eroding stereotypes, trending Muslimah issues and more personally, to discuss her published novel, Jasmine Falling.

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