Announcing Dilyara Sadrieva as Editor in Chief for Issue 2 of COVER Magazine

IFDC’s Cover Magazine is the only online magazine in the world bringing together global modest fashion and design in one place in a stylish manner. Cover Magazine has been deemed the “Vogue” of modest fashion and brings you vibrant and exciting content in every issue. Cover Magazine is special for many reasons but at the top of that list is the fact that each issue will be overseen by a different Editor-in-Chief. These notable personalities will use their expertise, experience and style to create a unique issue every season. For our upcoming issue we are proud to announce the talented Dilyara Sadrieva as the Editor-in-Chief. Dilyara Sadrieva is a designer, stylist, entrepreneur and the Country Manager for IFDC Russia. Being one of the pioneers of Modest Fashion, Dilyara’s experience together with her passion for sophisticated classy style in modern Islamic fashion makes her the perfect Editor to guide the “Timeless Elegance” theme of our upcoming issue of Cover Magazine. “Cover Magazine received an overwhelming response for the first issue and it was a breakthrough for the modest fashion industry. As the Editor-in-Chief for Issue 2, I will continue to combine modesty and beauty from all parts of the world. The theme for Issue 2, Timeless Elegance, is the perfect description for modest fashion as elegance and modesty goes hand in hand. My vision for the magazine is to be modern, interactive and a useful guide for readers who are interested in modesty and fashion, showcasing a balance of elegance, demureness, modesty and edge.” Dilyara Sadrieva, Guest Editor-in-Chief.  You can download your FREE copy of IFDC’s Cover Magazine by visiting our website at ifdc

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