Anita Sondore – From Latvia with Love


By Hana Bushnaq

Anita Savicka is the Latvian designer behind the Anita Sondore brand. The brand is equal parts vision, giftedness, know-how and passion. Anita polished her skills working alongside various Jewelry makers such as the Ermini master studio in Rome and Van Cleef & Arpels in Paris. Anita says her jewelry is her own story, a mirror of its time. “There are personalities, individuals, living, breathing, ringing with a deep thought and a message in their hearts.”  

The granddaughter of a blacksmith, Anita carves with unusual tools. She states that her mission is to observe and look for sources of inspiration; to generate more beauty in this world. She hopes that her pieces of jewelry will have the power to spread such splendor. Her jewelry is emblematic of moving light, fire and the universe. Reminiscent of crests of honor, evoking a sense of entitlement to some great merit. Gold, silver, amber and emerald are some of the raw materials with which she makes her masterpieces.   

 The Sounds of Silence collection explores the Latvian ethnographic heritage from a fresh standpoint. One remarkable component of Riga’s Art Nouveau scene is its National Romanticism where the best architects of the time employed this heritage in designs of their buildings. This is exactly what Anita did with this collection. This is why you feel that you get a taste of Latvia and its rich North European culture.  Whether you perceive her jewelry as preserved heritage, or a marvel of design, you are sure to find an item that stares into your eyes and speaks to your heart.  

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