Top tips to stay modest poolside this summer with Sofia Yusupova

By Sofia Yusupova

Thanks to a handful of designers, it’s becoming easier than ever to find modest swimwear that doesn’t force you to compromise with your personal style or your lifestyle.  

Sofia Yusupova is one such designer who realized sooner than soon that modest swimwear is the need of the hour. 

Sofia Yusupova is not new to the world of design by any means. Having a designer and couturier’s experience she recognized a lack in the marketplace for modest swimwear when she couldn’t find an appropriate swimsuit for her honeymoon and wondered if her vacation would be devoid of swimming in the ocean and other water activities.  

This realization led the Russian designer to sew a burkini for herself and make her first capsule collection of modest swimsuits. By doing so, she became the first designer specializing in modest swimsuits in Russia- her home country.  

Today the designer is the owner of the brand- AL-SOFIA, specializing in the production of modest swimwear. She started her business with one sole thought of how to give a wider choice of swimwear to Muslims all over the world who echoed the same sentiment.  

Being the first ever Russian designer to tap into the modest swimwear market, she has inspired a herd of other designers who have started similar businesses.  



When asked about the right way of donning the burkini and its maintenance, Sofia was more than happy to share some important tips with us. 

  • Muslim burkini has to cover all parts of the body and should not be skintight; 
  • Pay attention to the material of your swimsuits: Italian fabrics for swimwear don’t become dark when in contact with water and don’t absorb too much moisture; 
  • Your swimsuit shouldn’t be pulled up while swimming, to avoid this, producers sew laces to be tied with pants; 
  • When getting out of water, use a towel as cover up so the burkini dries out faster. 

Lastly, “Don’t be scared to start a big and exciting journey with just ONE idea”, says the designer who followed her gut.  



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